Verbum Domini
Verbum Domini
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Humanity has “passed the buck” since the Fall. The blame game started with Adam and Eve. When God questioned Adam, Adam pointed to Eve: “She gave me the fruit from the tree.” Eve, in turn, pointed to the serpent: “the serpent tricked me into it.” And the long history of recrimination goes on from there. more
Many don’t like surprises, even good ones. But no one likes bad surprises. Many put off doctor visits, afraid of what they might find. They prefer the risk of ignorance to the possibility of receiving bad news. Watching a scary movie, we cringe and grow tense, expecting some monster or doom around every corner. This may be exciting, but it is hard to call it enjoyable. When possible, we avoid sudden surprises, especially sudden evils. more
Eve wasn’t hungry. Her stomach wasn’t growling. She wasn’t tired, low-energy, or diabetic. She didn’t reach for the apple to boost her sugar. Until that day, she probably hadn’t given much thought to the tree. After all, it was forbidden and there was plenty of food in the garden. But then the serpent seasoned it with lies: “your eyes will be opened and you will become like gods.” Flavored with falsehood, the tree looked different: “pleasing to the eyes, and desirable for gaining wisdom.” Approaching, without a prayer of thanksgiving, “she took some of its fruit and ate” (Gen 3:5-6). It all went wrong with a snack. more
Some people have it all. They’re smart, good looking and personable. They have interesting jobs where they make a lot of money. They have talents that bring them notoriety and fame. Publicly praised, they also have happy home-lives. They have found the perfect spouse and the two of them have bright well-behaved children. The envious wish them some secret fault or failure and burn when virtue is discovered instead. It’s not fair. Why should one person enjoy so many blessings, while the rest struggle with just a few? more
I spent Memorial Day weekend with friends at their lake house in Bloomington, Indiana, and on Sunday we went to the Indianapolis 500. I’m not a racing fan, but I must admit that it was a great experience. Racing is the largest spectator sport in the United States. The Indy 500 is proof of that, with more than 300,000 people in attendance. However, unlike other sports, it’s the type of sport that many of us will never attempt. When it comes to race car driving you and I will most likely remain on the sidelines. more
CNBC airs a television series entitled “American Greed.” It highlights the dark path to wealth that some people take: credit card scams, identity theft, and Ponzi schemes among others. It’s … more
We all must think about heaven now and then. It’s helpful to take the perspective of the angels, to peer upon our problems from the clouds, to measure them against eternity. There are days when we lift our eyes in exasperation, calling out for a better, fairer or easier world. But knowing we will not find it here, we may be tempted to despair. Thinking on heaven is a strategy to renew our hope and shore up our confidence, St. Paul admonishes us: “Bear your share of hardship for the gospel” (2Tim 1:8). Occasionally, to maintain stamina, we must anticipate the rest and peace of the blessed. more
Have you ever felt scrutinized? Maybe you’ve had the experience with an angry parent, a suspicious employer, or even a jealous spouse. Scrutinized, your actions are watched minutely, your motives guessed at, a litany of questions pick through your past. It’s an awful experience to be suspected. It’s worse still if something is discovered, if something we shamefully guarded within us is then forced out into the open. It can be the most wounding experience, naked and exposed to the fiercest arrows of judgment and ridicule. Yet, the very same experience, if done in the light of love, can be the most healing. For what is sweeter than admitting to the worst truths about ourselves and then discovering that we are loved anyway. more
Every once in a while I enjoy going on a hike. Besides being good exercise, there’s a real sense of accomplishment I feel when I’ve made it to the top of the mountain and spend time taking in the … more
If you’ve ever refinanced a loan, you know the goal is to find the lowest interest rate. Essentially one is swapping creditors, transferring debt to a gentler financier. This is a common concept in our fiscal life, but the simple notion of debt transfer is also at the heart of our spiritual life. Our redemption hinges on refinancing. more
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