Synod ends by affirming tradition, leaving controversial questions open
Pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey to showcase "Footsteps of St. Paul"
Haunted Labyrinth marks 30 years of youth ministry
Workshop helps men cope with abortion
Around the Diocese for 10.23.14

Pre-Mardi Gras Sunday dinner to be served

BARRINGTON — The Women’s Guild at Holy Angels Parish, 341 Maple Ave., will be selling tickets for a pre-Mardi Gras dinner starting Thursday, October 23. The event, which will take place at St. Angelo’s Restaurant at the corner of Forbes Street and Wampanoag Trail, will be held Sunday, January 25, beginning at 1 p.m., with Monday, January 26 at 5 p.m. as a storm date. The menu will include salad, polenta, ravioli, sausage and meatballs, as well as coffee, tea and dessert. A cash bar will also be available. Members of the Women’s Guild will help with transportation if anyone needs a ride. Call 245-7743 or 245-0573 for more information.

Is he an atheist?
A paper written by Providence mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza, while a professor at Roger Williams University School of Law, has been reported but is not gaining widespread attention. In it, he indicates his preference for atheism, as it is commonly understood, in place of the God of the Judeo-Christian world. He argues that for most people God is simply a figment of one’s imagination. He contends that the faith which forms the basis of our nation’s constitution should be replaced with a completely secularized foundation.
The Church welcomes gays
The world, provoked by recent media attention, was eagerly awaiting news from the Vatican announcing sweeping changes. As this year’s Synod of Bishops came to a close, it was anticipated by some that the Church would make some new advancements and announce that gay men and women are now a welcomed part of the faith community.
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