A historic change in the healthcare landscape
For the first time in 100 years, Fatima Hospital no longer under direct control of diocese, but …
Crisis worsens in Iraq, Christians continue to suffer gruesome slayings
Diocesan efforts to demonstrate financial transparency continue
Hotline, Website offer individuals ways to report suspected fraud
So many memories: Dedicated camp director to retire
Mother of Hope community says farewell to Maria Piccirilli after 39 years in youth ministry
Around the Diocese 08.21.14

St. Mark Church summer festival

JAMESTOWN — St. Mark Church, 60 Narragansett Ave., will hold its annual summer festival on Saturday, August 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Food will be prepared and served by the Knights of Columbus. There will be children's games and scribble art, baked goods, gift items, jewelry and tables with hand-crafted goods, and a greenery table. The “Luck of the Irish” drawing includes Jamestown “Chamber Bucks,” Jamestown/Newport Ferry tickets, and a Bailey’s Irish liquor basket. Raffle items include cash prizes, an iPad Air, an Oyster Bay Wine basket, a restaurant gift certificate tree and more. Call 423-1421 to learn more.

Bringing light to the darkness of the …
Suicide is never a moral solution but few families have been spared its affliction. More than 30,000 Americans are responsible for their own death each year. Their relatives and friends are left wondering, grieving, and questioning for many years after. Often times, they too feel they are alone. Suicide remains the secret of many homes and hearts, silent behind a stigma of scandal or embarrassment. Untimely deaths may offer hopefully results when they open up conversations into the darkness of the depressed soul.
Prayer in face of violence must lead to …
Thousands are being persecuted and dying in Iraq, many of them Christians. As would all heads of state, Pope Francis is privy to the news underreported by mainstream outlets in the west of the actions by the radical Islamic militant group known as ISIS. This would include mass killing of religious groups, the raping and enslaving of women, the killing of children, the destruction of homes and the crucifixion of Christians. He has added his voice to the plea to end this violence now.
Without a doubt