Youth commitment to life has my full support


To the Editor:

Thank you for the extensive coverage by Emily Donohue of the Pro-Life March in Washington, DC. It was a first! It was beautiful! I pray to our Father that this kind of extensive coverage continues into the future!

Issues to be seriously considered: Please exercise extreme care regarding the manipulation of young people's minds; they are very malleable, fragile and susceptible! Please do not raise their belief in a cause that you are not willing to defend, with the loss of your life.

Although I was not there this year, were there not other buses full of Rhode Island Catholics through the auspices of the Knights of Columbus, RI Right to Life, Catholics for Life? These are the organizations that I know of that have supported the Pro Life cause from Day 1, the Roe vs. Wade decision. Actually, they have opposed the Roe vs. Wade and especially the Doe vs. Bolton decisions for a long time before they were ever handed down.

I have traveled to DC for the annual Right to Life March, six or so times with the Rhode Island Knights of Columbus, but I do not recollect the Diocese Respect Life Office organizing a bus trip in the past. Was this a first time effort, a beautiful event, something worth continuing?

If the Diocese has made a commitment to continue this Pro Life Youth effort, I will make a commitment to financially support it, as I have financially supported other local Pro Life efforts in the past.

I am just hoping to increase my knowledge base here, hoping for your help to understand my Diocesan commitment to the Pro Life movement. A response would be appreciated.

John T. Hird

North Providence

(Editor’s Note: Respect Life Coordinator Carol Owens notes that the Diocese has sent busloads of youth to the march for the past six years, and will “certainly continue to do so.”)