Spiritual Resolutions for 2020


At the beginning of a new year, it’s common for people to make resolutions. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions get broken within the first two weeks! But in those rare cases when they’re actually kept, resolutions can have a positive impact on our personal health and on the overall quality of our life. Most of the resolutions people make at this time of year are focused on the things of this world: “I resolve to lose 50 pounds”; “I resolve to start working out every day”; “I resolve to be on time for all my appointments.” But, since our souls will long outlive our bodies, our most important resolutions should always be spiritual in nature. Here, then, are a few suggestions for 2020:
Resolve …
• To attend Mass every Sunday AND HOLY DAY (even when you’re on vacation!)
• To go to Mass one day a week other than Sunday
• To attend at least one holy hour a week
• To examine your conscience every day, and to go to confession at least every month or two
• To read the Bible for at least 10 minutes a day
• To pray the Rosary daily
• To attend a retreat or a day of recollection sometime
in 2020
All these resolutions are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your spiritual health and on your immortal soul, so they’re well worth making.