PC student defending traditional marriage must be supported



Tony Esolen reports that there is a PC student who put a pro-traditional marriage message on a bulletin board at the school for which he has gotten considerable grief and seemingly little administrative support. The message was a positive one; not attacking anyone. There are some faculty members that have come out in support of the student but why hasn’t the president come out in strong support of the student and the message that he posted? One PC administrator (Goodwin) even encouraged people to join a march which I believe was planned in reaction to the bulletin board postings, which is outrageous. So far this is a very disappointing situation.

William P. McKenna ‘73, Cranston

Editor’s Note: In a March 26 letter to the Providence College community, Father Brian Shanley, college president, condemned the threats of sex-based violence made against resident assistant Michael Smalanskas on March 14, following the initial March 1 incident involving the dormitory billboards.