Mount St. Charles graduates largest class in 88 years

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WOONSOCKET — Brother Adelard Arena was filled with joy, happiness and sustained applause on June 3 when the largest class in the history of Mount St. Charles Academy — 196 students, including five international students — graduated before a large audience of faculty, staff, families and friends.

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The academy was established in 1924 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart who continue to staff the school.

The invocation was given by Father Charles Quinn, who is retiring as school chaplain after 30 years of ministry. “The Sacred Heart of Jesus has his arms open wide to show you how much he loves you,” he said.

Quoting President Abraham Lincoln, Father Quinn told the graduates: “Remember: ‘The task before us is never as great as the power behind us.’ I pray that God will help you see how beautiful you are and how much he loves you.”

Diplomas were presented to the Golden Anniversary Class of 1962, which includes Mount faculty member Brother Harold Greer, a longtime religion teacher at the school.

In his salutatory address, Dylan R. Schaffer, who will attend Harvard University, shared, “To our parents and teachers — or as of today, our Facebook friends: thank you. You have done more than instruct us. You have led us to be good servants of God, and been shoulders to cry on, offered witty remarks when needed, and simply been friends.”

After diplomas were awarded, Valedictorian Benjamin D. Swiszcz, who will attend Providence College, told his classmates, “It is time to move forward and enter a new phase of our lives. In a few short moments we will be walking out of those doors forever. The secret in life is in falling down seven times, and getting up eight. Keep striving to succeed. It can be easy to recall our failures, but it is more important to remember our successes and learn from our mistakes.”

Quoting Gospel artist Kirk Franklin, Swiszcz added, “There’s a reason why the rear-view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big.’”

“Take with you the lessons of faith, compassion, fortitude, and courage you have learned here,” reminded Principal Edwin Burke at the close of the ceremony. “Continue to grow in your faith. God waits for us to reach out to him. Seek God in prayers and the sacraments, and each day ask him: ‘Take me where you want me to go.’”

The valedictorian’s mother, Monique (Robidoux) Swiszcz, has the distinction of having served as the valedictorian of her 1980 class at Mount.

Mount St. Charles Class of 2012

Timothy Aballo

Katherine Andrews

Demi Antinarelli

Austin Archambault

Anthony Armenio

Raymond Aubin

Brad Auclair

Erin Auger

Gregory Bagley

Ashley Baillargeon

Katherine Bennett

Nicholas Bennett

Ryan Berard

Brandon Berube

Nicholas Blair

Lindsey Blais

Christopher Brown

Melissa Brown

Patrick Butler

Daniel Cahaly

Brian Campbell

Casey Campbell

Marissa Campbell

Laura Canole

Robert Carpenter

Francis Ciavattone III

Alex Cinieri

Joelle Cipolla

Honora Clemmey

Hailey Cobb

Lindsey Coen

Victoria Cohen

Adam Collamati

Jessie Connaughton

Robert Cornell

Catherine Corriveau

Christina Costello

Erica Courtemanche

Patrick Craven

Kaitlyn Croke

Chandler Cross

Zachary Crowley-Barros

Cassandra Czarn Cassandra

Drew Czarn

Travis Darveau

Lauren Deguire

Robert Dery

Emma DeSantis

Danielle Deschene

Lisa DiBona

Christine Dickinson

Gian DiCostanzo

Aria DiMeo

Erin Dixon

Julia doCurral

Caitlin Doherty

Steven Donahue II

Lauren Dorsheimer

Holly Dubois

Mary Elaina Elmasian

Zadok Emerick

Emily Etheridge

Grace Fenton

Brandon Fontaine

Anna Forde

Dylan Fournier

Bianca Francois

Santino Funaro

Ana Gadoury

Taryn Gaquin

Lyndsey Garde

Tyler Geffert

Victoria George

Daniela Gigliello

Olivia Goffe

Mark Guerard

Danielle Guindon

Rashi Gupta

Rachel Haley

Sara Hamel

Benjamin Handanyan

Katelyn Harnois

Michael Harrigan

Sijia He Sijia

Emily Hendricks

Olivia Hendricks

Jarrod Holgate

Steven Hollis

Regan Kelliher

Patrick Kennedy

Oneib Khan

Hyun Seung Kim

Andrew Knueven

Daniel Kohutanycz

Matthew LaButti

Trever LaCasse

Kelsey Lace

Drew Lambert

Adam Landry

Trevor Lang

Paul LaPlante Jr.

Christa Larence

Kassandra Larochelle

Melissa Lemoine

Lauren Levesque

Pinzhou Liang

Danielle Lippacher

Stephen Lizotte

Emma Lorusso

Meghan Lydon

Jiwei Ma Jiwei

Anthony Macari III

Nicholas Malerba

Erin Maloney

Jinxiang Mao

Kyle March

Kristen Marn

Eric Masi

Molly Mastroianni

Julie Mazza

Connor McCarty

Kerri McDonald

Evan McEldowney

James McGee

John McLaren

Megan Medeiros

Jason Meehan

Leah Meehan

Taylor Messier

Katherine Millette

Christine Montani

Ryan Morin

Tyler Morin

Callan Morisseau

Maddison Moulico

Cameron Murphy

Evan Murphy

Kayleigh Murphy

Bryan Nieva

Alex Nutting

Anthony Paglia

Angelica Paquette

Alyssa Paul

Bryan Peloquin

Kathryn Platek

Stephanie Platzer

Katherine Porcaro

Meghan Reilly

Ronald Renaud

Ayssa Ribeiro

Kimberly Rigano

Jennifer Roy

Daniel Ryan

Marie Ryan

Helen Saad

Victoria Saia

Michael Saker

Zachary Sarapas

Brittany Sarza

Ali Sayles

Dylan Schaffer

John Schmitt

Allison Shea

Caitlin Shea

Ryan Simoneau

Spencer Soucy

Emily Sproul

Alexa Stack

Timothy Stein

MaryKate Stimpson

Sean Stivaletta

Taylor Sutherland

Peter Swanson

Benjamin Swiszcz

Joshua Sztabor

Mathieu Tardif

Peter Therrien

Rebecca Thompson

Caroline Tillinghast

Taylor Towery

Vi Tran

Evan Traumuller

Mikayla Vacher

Alexandra Venancio

Cory Vescera

Caitlin Vickowski

Marion Walker

Michael Walsh

Alexandra Ward

Mary Wesalowski

Sean Whitesell

Benjamin Whitney

MacKenzie Wild

Annie Williams

Jamie Wozniak

George Younes