Life and Family: Defending and protecting life at every stage


The Office of Life and Family Ministry works to protect and defend innocent human life at every stage, through pregnancy support, offerings of post-abortion outreach and healing programs, a variety of educational programs for all ages, programs for crisis pregnancies, support groups for those separated and divorced, those who are widowed and other counseling and support opportunities.

The ministry also falls under the umbrella of the Human Life Guild, an organization that Bishop Thomas J. Tobin founded in the Diocese of Providence in Fall of 2005. The purpose of the organization is to encourage membership of those who are willing to accept the invitation to be “People of Life,” to have an unconditional commitment to promote and defend life.

“Because of Bishop Tobin’s support and prayers, our Office of Life and Family Ministry continues to grow and has become more visible to God’s people in our diocese,” said Carol Owens, coordinator of the Office of Life and Family. “We continue our mission to promote and defend life in our every thought, word, deed and prayer — simple catechism reflecting a new light on life. Bishop Tobin has brought a whole new perspective to the ministry with the Human Life Guild organization that encourages all Catholics — all ‘people of life’ to stand in solidarity and to have an unconditional commitment to human life in its earliest stages in the womb, in every condition, every stage and every circumstance up to natural death.”

For assistance or for more information on any of the programs, offerings, or counseling offered by the Office of Life & Family, please feel free to contact Carol Owens, at 401-421-7833, ext. 218, or email; you may also call the Project Rachel-Abortion/Post-Abortion Help Line 24/7 at 1-888-456-HOPE. All inquiries are confidential.