Legislators deny that an unborn child is a person


As sponsors of the pro-abortion bill H-5343, Representative Edith Ajello and Senator Gayle Goldin use shallow rhetoric to further enforce a bad law that permits mothers to have their unborn babies’ lives snuffed out. They fear a law stating that life begins at conception, knowing that this obvious truth demolishes any reason they could give to justify abortion. Yet, no intelligent person would declare that life begins at birth, after being shown the lively growth and wonderfully complex development of a human fetus. Their true goal is to deny that the unborn child is a person, though we know that every human being is a person. Those societies of the past that denied personhood to any class of people have been rightly condemned by history.

As they speak about the “right to privacy about one’s own body,” these politicians ignore the body in the bucket on the floor of the abortionist’s room, which is not the woman’s, but the baby’s, who didn’t have a choice in the matter. We should loudly reject every law which fails to recognize the truth about life and that shows no compassion toward our weakest brethren.

David O’Connell, East Providence