Lack of faith drives away youth from the Church



In reading Mr. Narodowy’s letter in the previous edition regarding the transmission of the faith to future generations, I am forced to conclude that the author must be very young indeed or unaware of the Church’s misguided efforts in the 1960s, 70s and into the 80s. These antics both in liturgy and Catholic education have left us with a “lost generation” of parents lacking any foundation in the fundamentals of the faith, incapable of handing on anything but “feelings.”

As a survivor of said “creative imaginings,” I cannot but inform the author that everything short of human sacrifice was tried to gain the young. We had puppet Masses and folk Masses, we had jazz Masses and rock Masses, we had Masses under trees and on beaches, we had dancing Masses and polka Masses. There was no stone unturned to entertain the folks. The only thing missing was a sense of the sacred and the worship of the Father through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the schools and CCD, teachers told their students Mass attendance was optional, the Church’s teachings were optional and of course the Church had too much money.

Little did they know they were sowing the seeds of their own destruction -- no one at Mass means no one in school or CCD -- though the denigration of the religious life was also a major factor. Mr. Narodowy has contempt for pomp and circumstance. I wonder, has he been to a wedding, graduation, inauguration or a papal Mass. It isn’t the presence of pomp and circumstance that drives away the young, it’s the lack of faith in Christ and His presence on the altars of the world.

Rev. Richard A. Bucci, STB, MA

Pastor, Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick