letter to the editor

Kudos for Wenisch, Lennon, Worship page, news


To the Editor:

I thoroughly enjoyed the July 26, 2007 edition and was especially grateful to see that professor Fritz Wenisch has graced your Commentary pages. I recall waiting for the Saturday Providence Journal Religion page to read Mr. Wenisch's col-umn...back when the Journal published a religion page.

Fritz Wenisch is a man of deep faith and an outstanding Catholic professor of Theology. He did more than many by his columns to deepen both my religious faith as well as my understanding of Catholicism in the marketplace. (Perhaps our politicians will react and absorb what our Constitution really says.)

Across the page, Fr. Lennon continues to teach those with an open mind and an appetite for truth. I only wish that his words, and the quote of Abp. Charles J Chaput, "Unless personal faith shapes public choices, it's just a pious delusion.

Private faith, if it is genuine, always becomes public witness – including political witness," received a widespread publishing.

The editorial left me wanting: Thirteen Catholic House Democrats appealed to the USCCB Bishops to "become more involved in the efforts to end the war in Iraq."

Without getting political, I wonder if the Bishops tried to get those Catholic Democrats to quit pushing abortion, stem cell research, cloning, right to die, homosexual acts, homosexual marriage, etc.

As a Catholic reading a Catholic newspaper, I would be more interested in my religion coming from the experts in faith than in listening or reading about them writing about politics. The latter will not win converts to the faith.

I was impressed that you carried the story of Father Matthew Glover's homily. I am happy that he is young enough and principled to say it like it is. He sounded like an apostle of early times... something I would like to hear more often. We must all pray for the families involved in this tragedy.

Your Worship page is indispensable in learning the faith and how to apply it.

You have a super paper. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Robert J. Cote, Sr.


(Ed. note: Fritz Wenisch is a professor of philosophy at the University of Rhode Island.)