Jon Stewart’s ignorant arrogance is not comedy


What passes for humor and satire in our culture often is in actuality crude comedy and offensive mockery.

The Comedy Central cable channel has over the years crossed the line of good taste in an effort to get cheap laughs and higher ratings. Last week, comedian Jon Stewart, host of the network’s The Daily Show, didn’t just cross the line, he leapt over it with delight. In his commentary on the current debate surrounding the Obama Administration’s attack on the religious liberty of all Americans, Mr. Stewart chose to display an image of a naked woman on a table covering her genitalia with a manger scene complete with the Christ Child.

Apparently, Mr. Stewart believes that his vulgarity and anti-Christian attacks are just part of a comic routine protected by the First Amendment and has refused to apologize for his outrageously offensive commentary. (Ironically, the same protections extended to freedom of speech are included in the same amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion.) He is right, about at least one thing, his offensive attacks disguised as satire are protected constitutionally. However, that doesn’t mean Mr. Stewart’s hateful antics must be accepted. or even tolerated

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights have called for the advertisers of Mr. Stewart’s show- including Kraft, Subway and others - to pull their advertising. It is an appropriate response to the hateful attack upon the faith of millions of Christians. Unfortunately Mr. Stewart still fails to grasp the impact of his hate speech and recently stated in response to the Catholic League’s valiant efforts by suggesting he won’t “censor” himself “to comfort your ignorance.” The hateful and offensive humor displayed by Mr. Stewart is not comedy and satire by really ignorance and arrogance. It’s high time he humbly apologize.