It’s time for a good spring cleaning


After being stuck inside during the winter months due to the cold weather and decreased amount of daytime sun, we tend to want to go outside and enjoy the changing of the season. Springtime symbolizes that all things begin anew again, a fresh start and a new beginning. Every spring many people begin to clean out their houses, garages and cars as the weather starts to improve. We tend to collect things over time and then store them away like pack rats, thinking that they will be useful in the future. Eventually, over time, we forget that we have stored these items away, and thus, they end up adding to the clutter in our lives. Springtime is a great time to de-clutter, throw out, recycle, clean out our storage spaces and have a good yard sale. Once these spaces are cleaned out, they become useful again, thus allowing for new things to be added to those spaces.

The springtime usually starts during Lent, which is also a great time to do some cleaning and purifying of our souls. Sins build up like dirt on the soul and need to be cleansed through the sacrament of confession. Oftentimes, we can grow slack and weary in our prayer life, which can develop a spiritual laziness that dims the light of grace in the soul. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are the means that de-clutter and enflame our spiritual lives and restore the soul to its former glory.

Cardinal Robert Sarah, in his new book “Le Soir Approche et Déjà le Soir Baisse (“It is nearly evening, and the day is almost over”), exhorts Catholics to prayer: “It is not a question of accumulating devotions. It’s a question of being silent and adoring, of being on our knees, of entering with fear and respect into the liturgy. It is the work of God.” It is only through a thorough examination of conscience and sincere confession that the soul is cleansed, refreshed and restored by the Blood of the Lord.