Hendricken Hawks take flight

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PROVIDENCE – The 51st commencement for Bishop Hendricken High School marked the end to a year that had seen the best of times and the worst of times, Principal Joseph Brennan told 210 graduates last Friday at a ceremony held at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul.

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Certainly the final year of high school for the Class of 2012 was crowned with triumphs. The school notched its 23nd state win in swimming and reclaimed the state title in hockey from Mount St. Charles — plus two more championships in football and cross country and a win in the academic decathlon. In terms of scholarships, the class set a school record of $18 million over the four years of college — with nearly $800,000 for the valedictorian and salutatorian alone.

But it was also a year punctuated by tragedy. One of the teachers lost a baby in a car accident. Two students, twin brothers Christopher and James MacKenzie, were involved a deadly highway crash that killed two others in another car and sent them to the ICU at Hasbro Children’s Hospital for three months. A third student, Zach Baccari, was battling cancer in the same unit.

“You have been tested over the last year and passed,” Brennan told students.

He said students and faculty had relied upon their faith to get them through such “unexpected events that shook us to our very souls.” He said the school had turned to God, as a community, with prayers for strength, hope, and the courage to go on.

At commencement, the MacKenzie brothers both walked up to receive their diplomas, to rounds of applause. The third student, Baccari, is expected to return to school next year.

Hendricken offers its students opportunities to compete and excel in the classroom and on the field, but it is that sense of community that makes the school special, said Salutatorian Ryan Sutyla.

“It’s hard to believe now, but in 30 years it won’t matter what you learned in junior year U.S. history, how many sports awards you won, or what your SAT scores were,” Sutyla told classmates. “Most of the facts and figures learned in the classroom will long since be forgotten. What will never go away, however, is the sense of fraternity and togetherness that has been built over the past four years.”

Sutyla, who heads to Hamilton College in the fall, also credited the extraordinary dedication of teachers — recalling one math teacher who had stayed overnight in a classroom with ten students so they could compete in a math event.

John Kane, the valedictorian, alluded to the recent transit of Venus across the Sun — a twice in a 105-year event — to ponder how the Class of 2012 would be remembered by posterity.

“What will the class of 2117 say about us?” said Kane, who will be attending Tulane University next year. “Will we be that small insignificant spot on the sun, or will we have a legacy that endures? No one will remember John Kane or any of us individually, but, in 105 years, I hope that our contributions as a collective whole—academically, spiritually, and athletically—will be etched in history.”

In addition to the valedictorian and salutatorian, one of the highest honors at the school is the Hendricken Man of the Year award, which recognizes a well-rounded student for his academic and extracurricular achievements and good character. This year’s award went to Rilwan Ilumoka, who received an inner-city scholarship to attend Hendricken and who rose early in the morning to catch a RIPTA bus from his Pawtucket home to the school campus in Warwick. Ilumoka will be continuing his studies at Providence College.

This year, Hendricken instituted a new award, the Brother Stephen J. Casey Christian Service Award, named after a Christian brother who served at the school for seven years. The inaugural recipient was Matthew Cowell, who had attended four mission and services trips offered at Bishop Hendricken.

Bishop Hendricken High School Class of 2012

Anthony J. Abel

Ashton Drake Acciari

Cole Harrington Ahlborg

Joseph Alexander Allmark

Ryan Robert Amalfitano

Kerwin N. Amo

David R. Annese

Joshua A. Anthon

Richard P. Audet II

Richard F. Bacon III

Brendan J. Baker

Jordan Aaron Barboza-Simpkins

Cori Andrew Battista-Amaral

Patrick R. Belbey

McKinley Y. S. Berriman

Matthew S. Bessette

Nicholas T. Bodziony

Nicklaus Boudreau

Ryan James Brannigan

Andrew Louis Breting

Patrick M. Brindamour

Robert Anthony Buehrer

Thomas P. Buonomano

Jason M. Byrd

James David Callow

Anthony S. Caminiti

Antonio Joseph Cannavaro

John Cardell

Kenneth J. Carlson

Dylan T. Casey

Anthony M. Castaldi

Christian Philip Anthony Castano

John Anthony Celona, Jr.

Ryan J. Cesario

Ryan C. Champlin

Michael J. Chapkounian

Kenneth B. Charron

Evan J. Chomka

Laionel Cintron

Michael Timothy Clapp

Howard J. Clift III

Mitchell J. Clough

Daniel W. Cofone

Ralph Cola IV

Aaron David Colaiacomo

Brian G. Condon

Jonathan Thomas Confreda

David Connors

Blake Michael Cote

Matthew David Cowell

Conor E. Curran

Jianan Dai

Joseph David D'Ambra

Christopher Michael Davey

Benjamin E. Davis

Jerre J. Dean

Joel De Melo, Jr.

Cole M. De Santis

Timothy E. Desmarais

Christian Graham Dessler

Patrick William Devine

Dylan James DiPalma

Daniel G. DiSchino

Zachary A. Eland

G. Thomas Esmay II

Mark Euell

Michael R. Fairbanks

Louis Falcone

Ezequiel Falero IV

Tyler P. Fandetti

Christopher Ferreira

Paul Theodore Fetter III

Justin E. Finan

Kevin John Flaherty

Stephen N. Fletcher

William Arthur Florio

Michael W. Flynn, Jr.

Bryan Fong Li

Brandon Robert Furtado

John Thomas Gage

Reed M. Gamache

Benjamin J. Gavin

Michael P. Gelardi

Connor Gerlach

Angelo S. Giarrusso Jr.

Sam Keaton Gibbons

Alexander Edward Goozey

Brian W. Gould

Nicholas DesRoches Grande

Daniel J. Grasso

Keenan Ryan Gray

Kevin Michael Gray

Maximilian C. Heintzelman

Jack D. Hendrickson

Scott N. Henry

Christopher C. Hook

Reuben W. Horace, Jr.

Michael D. Iavarone

Rilwan A. Ilumoka

Robert Anthony Indeglia III

Matthew Joseph Iovino

Won Gyu Jeong

Matthew J. Jimmis

John Patrick Kane

Ryan W. Kelly

Dylan R. Kicia

Steven M. Kind

Garabed Koosherian

Geoffrey Kenneth LaForce

James S. Larsen

Evan J. B. LeComte

Matthew J. Leonard, Jr.

William L'Europa

Mead Esrey Lockwood

Christopher R. MacKenzie

James C. MacKenzie

Patrick Garret MacLeod

Curtis B. Maderios Jr.

Paul Gregory Madoian

Jacob M. Magiera

Patrick Ryan Maguire

Matthew Malachowski

Andrew John Mancini

Gerry Joseph Manning, Jr.

Julian J. Mardenli

Osrolan E. Marroquin

Brandon Michael McCarron

Sean Mathew McGhie

Christopher M. McKay

Ryan Christopher George McNaughton

Gregory M. Medici

Dylan A. Montgomery

Richard E. Moore

Nicholas Moreau

Daniel Fahey Moren

Matthew P. Morisseau

Patrick Ellis Mulgrew

Samuel P. Munroe

Peter J. Murray

Zachary J. Nault

Daniel P. Nolte

Kyle Patrick O'Connell

Sean Edward O'Connor

Brendan Peter Pagliaro

Corey Joseph Palumbo

Thomas Edward Pannone, Jr.

Tyler J. Pare

Zachary J. Pare

Brent W. Parker

Nicholas Pati

Evan John Patten

Michael D. Pecchia

Oscar Perez III

Ryan Peter Petrone

Nicholas Anthony Pezzillo

Benjamin V. Pigoga

Alexander Daniel Powers

Zachary J. Prinscott

Nathaniel C. Pullano

Daniel J. Quinn

Remy James Racine

Ryan C. Rajotte

Michael E. Rego, Jr.

Brian Parker Reilly

Matthew T. Ricci

Carmino M. Riccio

Jacob C. Rinn

Andrew J. Robinson

John Dylan Roderick

John A. Roque III 2

Joshua Thomas-Theodore Rosado

Thomas Benjamin Roy

Blake A. Ruggieri

Matthew T. Sanita

Keith J. Schneider

Joel Joseph Sebastianelli

Nicholas A. Simone

David Milton Skurka

Tyler Houghton Sowers

Kyle J. St. Jean

William J. Stewart

Torrey Stricklin

Matthew G. Sullivan

Ryan F. Sutyla

Roy M. Sylvander

Benjamin Edward Sylvia

Matthew G. Tager

John J. Tardiff

Robert Samuel Theroux

Jordan D. Thivierge

Michael Joseph Thomas

Ryan P. Tiernan

Ryan W. Tierney

Paul Kenneth Trask

Bryan Treml

Mitchell H. Trottier

Dax Stephen Tucker

Alexander J. Veitch

Daniel E. Velazquez

Jason A. Vessella

Gardner W. Vickers

Joseph M. Vitullo

Mark S. Votta

Mark Joseph Vuono

Brandon D. Wagoner

William J. Walker IV

Andrew R. Walmsley

Nicholas P. Walsh

Aaron Meyers-Webb

Burke W. White

Aaron G. Wood

Joseph P. Zaydon