Hendricken graduation unforgettable for students, families


PROVIDENCE — The 52nd commencement for Bishop Hendricken High School sent 216 young men off to the next chapter of their lives in a June 7 ceremony at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul that was steeped in the spirit of the school’s namesake and the stories of students inspired by the virtues of faith and love for God and fellow man that Bishop Thomas F. Hendricken, the first bishop of Providence, exemplified in his life.

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By the numbers, the Class of 2013 certainly impresses: all told, seniors racked up $23.1 million in merit scholarship awards, a new school record; five Division I varsity state championships this year in football, cross country, indoor track and field, swimming, and wrestling; and a stellar year in the arts, with students winning local, state, and regional awards in art, music, and theater.

But it’s the stories of the class that shined the brightest on graduation night, including a surprise visit from a soldier on deployment who traveled 8,000 miles to see his son graduate from high school.

Salutatorian Kevin Dillon recalled a school mission trip to Peru, where he and other students spent hours peeling beans with a local mother in a village. “We didn’t save the entire village but we put a smile [on] a struggling mother and her children’s faces, and that was enough,” Dillon said.

“I helped others at Hendricken. I helped myself at Hendricken. I let others help me at Hendricken and I definitely enjoyed myself at Hendricken and I hope you did too,” Dillon concluded. “No matter what the next stage in your life is … I pray that you make it a complete experience.”

In addition to the salutatorian and valedictorian distinctions, Bishop Hendricken also bestows the Hendricken Man of the Year award on a well-rounded student who stands out for his academic and extracurricular achievements as well as good character. The school describes the award as “the most prestigious student achievement.” This year’s award recipient was Brendan McNamara. Shane McElroy, the valedictorian, called on his classmates to remember the moments of generosity and humor, as well as times of challenge and triumph, that defined their time at the school. “As you look back on your four years at Bishop Hendricken High School, reflect on the impact that the school has had on your life,” McElroy said. “Hendricken made me the man I am today. And I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The graduation ceremony itself did not lack in memorable moments. Partway through the awarding of diplomas, one student, Trent Medeiros, received his diploma from a surprise guest: his father, Staff Sergeant Jeremy Medeiros, whom he had not seen since August 10, 2012. Medeiros, who is with the 169th military police company in the Army National Guard, is on his third overseas tour, in Afghanistan. A tearful Medeiros handed his son his diploma then hugged him, along with his sister, Miranda.

It was also a particularly meaningful day for Lewis Hassell and his parents. Hassell, who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair-bound, received a theology award and finished 20th overall in the class.

“It’s quite an accomplishment,” said his mother, Joanne Hassell. “We’re just very proud of him. Bishop Hendricken is definitely the best high school that a young man can go to.”

In his remarks to students, Principal Jay Brennan urged students to reflect on the school’s mission statement as they embark on the next step in their life journeys. “This document calls on us to strengthen the relationship of all members of the community with our God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We do this through the development of the total human person: heart, mind, soul, and body,” Brennan said. “This part of our mission is at the core of who we are.”

“Remember to be the total human person that the Hendricken mission statement calls you to be,” Brennan added. “Be a man who will help bring others closer to God.”

School President John Jackson drove home that message in his remarks to students. The most visible way students have lived out the school mission, Jackson said, is in their participation in school liturgies, where they have received the Eucharist.

“Your support of the mission of our school took on many other forms also. God has given you many gifts and when you use each gift to its maximum potential you are growing closer to becoming the person that God hopes everyone to be,” Jackson said.

Brennan and Jackson presented students with their diplomas, along with Auxiliary Bishop Robert Evans.

Bishop Hendricken High School Class of 2013

Michael T. Alarie

Chandler Norman Alberigo

Steven D. Almonte,

Brandon A. Amo

Jean-Michel Arcand

Kevin E. Augustyn

Christopher J. Barone

Brendan L. Barrette

Gregory R. Beaudette

Michael D. Beaudry Jr.

Adam Berg 2

Bryan James Bessette

Nicholas A. Bibeault

Scott M. Blackmar

Zachary D. Blanchette

Anthony S. Boivin

Nicholas D. Boland

Kevin Corcoran Breede

Kyle J. Brichetto

Caelob A. Burdick

Matthew Joseph Burns

Michael Q. Byrne

Christopher E. Caldarone

Matthew J. Capozzi

Nicholas J. Caprio

Michael Gaetano Cardarelli, III

Brandon W. Cardosa

Nicholas Glynn Carlson

Marcus Clifford Caron

Nicholas G. Carroll

Matthew Keating Casbarro

Joseph V. Catalfamo

Christopher D. Catucci, Jr.

Michael Anthony Cedrone

Nicholas A. Cerbo

Christopher N. Cesario

Mathew Vincent Ciociola

John Perry Coburn

John A. Colello

Craig M. Colson Jr.

William G Coningford

Pietro Alfredo Conte

Gregory D. Coppotelli

Nicholas Corey

Tyler K. Corliss

Kevin Costello

Nicholas J. Coutu

Stephen Matthew Couture Jr.

Patrick J. Crabtree

Matthew R. Creta

Michael E. Criscione Jr.

Kazre' Lamont Cummings

Shane M. Davidson

Nicholas J. DeCiantis

Benjamin M. DeLuca

Marco V. DelVecchio

Aaron M. DeMarco

Reginald Derisier

Jack T. DerManouelian

Sergio A. DeSousa-Rosa Jr.

William F. DiGiuseppe

Kevin M. Dillon, III

Nicholas J. DiMauro

Jeremy D. DiMeo

Michael Steven DiPaolo

Alexander M. Doherty

Chad Dottor

Connor J. Doyle

Andrew James Dunham

Brian C. Duranleau

Richard A. Dutko Jr.

Paul M. Falcone

Michael S. Fedorenko

Jonathan R. Feeney

Paul Vincent Filippone

Christopher Joseph Fitzsimmons

Jonathan A. Fong Li

Jahari Melizah Ford

Derek G. Fournier

Benjamin J. Gasior

Gary K. Geisser, II

Steven F. Gencarella

Ryan James Gleason

Ryan M. Goddard

Brandon R. Gomez

David M. Gooding

Neil T. Grant

Joseph P. Hagerty

Ryan James Hagerty

Nicholas Alexander Haight

Donald V. Hall

Lewis J. Hassell

Robert C. Henry

Sean D. Henry

Ryan P. Henseler

Tyler P. Henseler

Dakota James Hersey

Casey D. Hodor

Kenneth R. Horbert, Jr.

Aaron W. Hubert

Chadd L. Huddon

James Anthony Iacoi Jr.

Frank J. Iudiciani 1

Tanner Liam Jackson

Darius A. Jagminas

Andrew A. Johnson

Tyler A. Joseph

William B. Kammerer

Steven E. Kelly

Ryan John Kennedy

James A. Kent

Michael M. King

Brexton J. Kinney

Alexander D. Knight

Jarek Richard Krajewski

Christopher T. Lafen

Robert A. Lanni

Daniel C. LaPlante

Troy A. Lavoie

Jack T. Leonard

Daniel A. Levesque

Xiaofeng Li

Derek A. Lindia

Robert J. Lineberger

Xuan Liu

Matthew J. Lombardi

Brandon D. Macedo

Salvatore J. Maggiacomo

Dillon R. Manfredi

Benjamin P. Manning

Anthony M. Markey

Edward V. Markowski

Dante John Marovelli, IV

Chase Goddard Martin

Christopher J. Marrinan

Demetri M. Martino

Brandon T. Massaro

Christopher M. Mattioli

Shawn P. McAssey

Adam Leonard McAteer

Mario R. McClain, Jr.

Shane W. McElroy

Andrew V. McGinnis

Daniel F. McKillop

Brendan N. McNamara

Matthew James Medeiros

Trent Patrick Medeiros

Justin G. Meyer

Alexander R. Miguel

Sam I. Milder

James A. Miller

Sean T. Montanari

Paul A. Moore, Jr.

Jake H. Mowry

Colin Graham Murphy

Matthew M. Murphy

Sean M. Murphy

Domenic P. Nardolillo, Jr.

Austin E. Navarro

Jake D. Newberry

Ryan M. Novak-Smith

Eric C. Olsen

Erik D. Olson

Steven Raymond Orsi

Ryan Michael Pajak

William J. Palmer Jr.

Alexander Anthony Afonso Palumbo

Brian Vincent Panzitta

Nicholas A. Parente

Alexander M. Perreault

Tyler R. Perry

Matthew R. Peterson

Jonathan Ayers Petteruti

Paul Edward Phillips, Jr.

Matthew J. Plouffe

Joseph L. Proulx

Mitchell P. Proulx

Tyler J. Raymond

Cameron Joseph Ricci

Nicholas R. Rocchio

Robert S. Romano Jr.

Romario R. Rousseau

Nicholas M. Russo

Stephan J. Saggal

Kyle David Santos

Nicholas Paul Anthony Sarazen

Pharis B. Sasa

Willard J. Schartner

Paul Michael Shaughnessy Jr.

Jared Joseph Anthony Smith

Alexander J. Smolan

Andrew Paul Spremulli

Mark B. Stillson

David W. Such, Jr.

Kelan Campbell Sullivan

Marcus Kevin Swift

Masyn E. Szeliga

Joseph E. Tahan

William F. Tavares

Daniel J. Thadeio

Nicholas M. Tomasso

Nicholas Anthony Torregrossa

Gaston N. Touafek

Chase A. Tucker

Louis G. Umberto

Derek Joseph Vadnais

Christopher Robert Vanasse

Robert J. Victoria

Joseph C. Vincent Jr.

Alec Warneke

Griffin Bryce Werner

Mark E. Wheeler

Aiden T. White

Sean P. Wiggin

Jarrid R. Witherspoon

Cory A. Woodbine

Guangming Zhou