letter to the editor

Grab their attention!


To the Editor:

This email is in response to Bishop Tobin's request for feedback regarding the most appropriate age for Confirmation.

I read his article with great interest. I have a daughter in the seventh grade, and I also have a nephew in the seventh grade. He lives outside of Dallas, Texas, and is making his confirmation in October, right after he begins the eighth grade. My daughter, of course, will make her confirmation in the tenth grade.

I am for moving the age of confirmation to the eighth grade. They are just becoming teenagers at that time. The frustrations of almost being able to drive, work and date have not quite set in for most of them. They are most likely the oldest children in their school, which can be empowering, making them eager to learn, to be responsible. Sealing the commitment to their faith at this time is most appropriate.

It certainly seems tougher to be a teenager today than ever before. Every media source wants their attention. The Church needs to grab a piece of that attention, also. The sooner the better.

Thank you very much!!

Kathryn Tillinghast