EDITORIAL - The transition of power

Governor Carcieri, the courage of convictions


In late December the portrait of former Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri was unveiled at the State House. It beautifully depicts the Governor as a leader and statesman at his desk with the American and Rhode Island flags in the background as well as a ship’s wheel.

However, even more meaningful are the inclusion of pictures on the desk of his wife, First Lady Sue Carcieri, and another of his entire family. These images speak volumes upon Governor Carcieri’s steadfast leadership and clear commitment to the citizens of our state but also to his unwavering courage in promoting and protecting marriage and family life.

Over his eight years in office, Governor Carcieri demonstrated his able and steady leadership with his quick and compassionate response to the Station Night Club Fire, his dedication to providing authentic educational reform and in his consistent commitment to the respect for all human life. As Catholics we can be proud of a man who clearly possessed the courage of his convictions and never abandoned the convictions of his deep Catholic faith. And so as the Ocean State offers a fond farewell to Governor and Mrs. Carcieri, let us take this opportunity to thank them for all they did and all they represented during the eight years in office.

We thank them for their decency and honor in leading our state during some tough times. We thank them for their commitment to education especially for working to ensure choice for all children and their steadfast promotion of Catholic education as a valuable asset to our state. We thank them for their courageous commitment to protecting the sacred institution of marriage and promoting traditional family life. We thank them for their unwavering dedication and respect for human life especially the innocent unborn.

In leading the State of Rhode Island Governor Donald L. Carcieri not only rightly understood but truly exemplified the words of the great Catholic statesman, St. Thomas More: “I am the King’s good servant but God’s first.” As we look back over his eight years of steady leadership and offer our thanks and gratitude to Governor Carcieri, let us echo the words of Saint Matthew: “Well done good and faithful servant.”