Footwashing ceremony can impact men, women alike


To the Editor:

In response to the letter from Allen M. Maynard, No. Carver, Ma., “Women have no place in footwashing ceremony” [RI?Catholic, April 3]:

I lost my son who was only 28 years old, youngest of four, 21 years ago and could not accept his loss.

When I was asked to have my feet washed, I was hesitant but I did accept the privilege. As the Holy Water was poured on my feet, something came over me like a miracle and I could finally accept my son’s death and knew it was meant to be. He was not sick anymore and was at peace with God.

Yes, many years ago everything was men, the Bible, the Church, etc. I am a Eucharistic Minister and very involved with the church and have been all my life and will be until I die. I am in my 70s and pray God will keep me well to continue my goal of being a good Christian and doing God’s work.

Edna Acquaviva

North Providence