Keep the heat on

Donations to 'Keep the Heat On' Challenge as of Jan. 25


PROVIDENCE - As temperatures take a decided downturn this week, all indications are that winter is not ready to loosen its grasp on Rhode Island's residents.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin's "Keep the Heat On" Challenge helps heat the homes of those who have exhausted all other public and private resources and with no place left to turn for assistance with their heating bills. Supported by generous donors throughout the state and matched each year up to $75,000 by the Catholic Charity Fund, "Keep the Heat On" has helped thousands of Rhode Islanders obtain heat or have their untility service restored.

To make a donation to the "Keep the Heat On" Challenge, please send checks, payable to the "Interfaith Community Dire Emergency Fund," 184 Broad St., Providence, R.I. 02903 and note "Keep the Heat On" on the check. You may also log on to and use the secure Web site for credit card donations or to obtain additional information. The following is a list of recent donations:

St. Patrick Church, Cumberland, St. Patrick's Parish Family - $500

Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth - $325

St. Mary School, Cranston, students and Father Angelo Carusi - $300

Anonymous, in memory of John B. McLaughlin - $250

Anonymous - $200

Mr. & Mrs. Ramzi Loqa - $150

St. Ann School, Providence, Dress Down Day - $102

G. W. Miller - $100

Anonymous - $100

Anonymous - $100

Anonymous - $50

Ms. Catherine M. Halloran, in memory of Father Fred Halloran - $50

Ms. Carol Cartel, in memory of Hugh Layden - $50

Mr. Edmund J. Miller - $50

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Pallotta Jr. - $50

In honor of Father Albert Kenney's 40th - $25

Mr. Louis M. Cappuccio - $25

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Farrell - $25

Father Leo Roland Anctil - $25

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Tocco - $25

Anonymous - $20

Ms Rosalie Fahey - $10

Total donations - $2,532

Previous total donations - $82,101

Grand total donations - $84,633

(This article originally appeared in The Providence Visitor)