Courageous stance



I just read Bishop Tobin's article on-line as I subscribe to Courageous Priest and through email subscription I read the Five Problems with Homosexual "Marriage."

I loved the truthfulness of the article, especially Bishop Tobin's description of this group: “The truth is that the homosexual lobby that seeks tolerance for itself isn’t quite as generous in extending the same courtesy to others."

Of course I knew this as if we seem to say the truth we get backlash, labeled and hated, I just don't get it...I only wish there was more that could reverse this, I struggle everyday, wondering how could children be given to same sex couples, the consequences as mentioned, God only knows what will happen. I don't understand how this went so far.

Thank you for a wonderful article, we must “fight the good fight” and hope one day this will end as we are being held hostage in what we feel is the most precious sacrament for women and men, a very real agenda is out there sabotaging good and what we as men and women were meant for.

Mrs. Martine Piraino

Mississauga, ON.Canada