Come home Congressman Langevin


Ten years away from home can often change a person. Apparently this is true for Congressman Jim Langevin who has spent the last ten years representing Rhode Island in the U.S. Congress.

Previously to serving in Congress, Langevin represented Warwick in the R.I. House of Representatives and then served ably as the Ocean State's Secretary of State. During this time, he dedicated himself to working for good government and governmental reform.

Running as a pro-life Democrat, his laudable service and inspirational personal story of overcoming adversity helped to send him to the nation's capital in 2000.

Over these last ten years the good Congressman has drifted away from his core convictions that first lead him to become a public servant.

First, he abandoned his pro-life stance by shamefully supporting immoral embryonic stem-cell research. Even though this immoral scientific experimentation has garnered few results, the Congressman has continued to support the direct killing of embryos in the name of science. Last year the Congressman again abandoned the principle of protecting innocent unborn life as he willfully supported the Healthcare reform bill even though it was void of any protection for human life. Clearly Jim Lanegvin can no longer be described as pro-life as over the years he has continued to follow the Planned Parenthood path to the culture of death.

Langevin has now publically endorsed legislation that would redefine marriage. This newfound support for homosexual marriage was naively justified with the usual talking points supplied by radical gay activists. This latest betrayal by the Congressman further demonstrates his departure from his roots in Warwick and further distances him from many of his longtime supporters.

After ten years in Washington Congressman Langevin takes considerable time to promote homosexual marriage and the gay agenda as thousands of Rhode Islanders remain jobless, face foreclosure, and watch as droves of people and businesses flee the Ocean State. Ten years in Congress have changed the Representative's priorities but not for the better, a far cry from the blue-collar Democrats who gather at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Warwick.

But perhaps saddest of all is the drastic departure by Langevin from the foundational convictions of his Catholic faith in favor of the radical left-wing activists from which he now draws his public policy decisions. We hope and pray that Congressman Langevin comes home soon: to the pro-life and pro-family values he used to so courageously espouse and support. Come home to the Catholic values he learned as a student at Bishop Hendricken High School and the Knights of Columbus.