Letter to the editor

Church is in good hands



Although I am regularly impressed by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin's weekly commentary in The Providence Visitor, I was moved to respond uncharacteristically to this week's (Feb. 1) offering on "Catholic preaching: Powerful or pitiful?" His interesting and stimulating article is effectively a well-considered outline for what constitutes an inspirational message which subtly but most appropriately serves as a motivational challenge to his fellow priests.

It must be said that along with the many priests in our church, who I am sure, are up to this challenge, we at St. Luke Church in Barrington, are so very fortunate to have three clergymen who fulfill this aforementioned challenge by offering remarkably structured and most interesting homilies on a consistently regular basis. Led by our administratively and inspirationally outstanding pastor, Father Robert F. Hawkins; his enthusiastic, bright and youthful assistant, Father S. Matthew Glover; and the longtime regular visiting senior priest and renowned author, Father Raymond F. Collins; they collectively offer weekly messages that are, without a doubt, "firmly rooted in the Word of God and are completely consistent with the teachings of the church." Their homilies are equally passionate, exceptionally well-organized and relatedly memorable. We are truly blessed to have them with us.

Gratefully, our church is in good hands.

Myron J. Francis

East Providence