China’s conscience must be protected


China is a nation that performs more abortions than the United States as its’ government continues to subject Chinese women to forced abortions.

China has instituted mass infanticides and continues to demand sex-selection abortions particularly for female unborn children. It the midst of the dark culture of death that overshadows China is the bright light of political prisoner Chen Guangcheng. He courageously dares to speak out against the Communist regime that rules China and their oppressive anti-life policies. Chen is the leading activist in China fighting the evil of forced abortions, coercive sterilizations and the one-child policy that results in infanticide.

Last week he escaped the house arrest imposed upon him by Communist Party officials for his public dissent of the oppressive and government imposed culture of death in China. Chen is now at an unknown location in Beijing and his future remains uncertain. We urge President Obama to do everything in his power to provide safe asylum for Chen and ensure his freedom is protected from the oppressive Chinese regime. This prophet has been a prisoner for his peaceful activity on behalf of human life and dignity and it is high time that this man who serves as the conscience of the Chinese nation be set free and his human rights respected. We urge all Rhode Islanders to call upon our Congressional delegation to ensure that the Obama Administration keeps Chen and his powerful witness of conscience and his prophetic voice for the voiceless safely protected, respected, and finally free to bear witness to the culture of life.