Catholics outpour their appreciation on Priesthood Sunday


PROVIDENCE—Priesthood Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday, Oct. 25. On this special day Catholics show their appreciation for their pastors and local priests in recognition of their hard work and devotion to their parishes, the Church, and God.

This one-day celebration of the vocation of priesthood was established in 2003 as a way to honor faithful priests. Priesthood Sunday holds special significance this year as it coincides within the Year for Priests, declared by Pope Benedict XVI in June.

Father Michael Najim, Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Providence, emphasized that during this Year for Priests, the Church has been invited to a deeper love and appreciation for the gift of the priesthood.

“Priests themselves are being asked to enter more deeply into friendship with Jesus so as to experience spiritual renewal in their own lives," said Father Najim.

“Priesthood Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to preach about the gift of the priesthood and for the people to affirm and pray for the priests who serve them so faithfully each and everyday.”

"Priesthood Sunday is especially important in the Year for Priests,” said Father Taillon, pastor of St. Thomas More Church, Narragansett. “The Priesthood of Jesus Christ that all priests share in is a unique gift and intrinsic to the Church-to meditate on the Priesthood is to meditate on Christ and the Eucharist.”

Celebrations of Priesthood Sunday may vary in each parish. Some lay faithful may honor the priest both at Mass, parish events, or through Catholic school activities. Priesthood Sunday was designed to be an event led by the laity, but the parish priest can participate by sharing his own experiences and the journey of his vocation, expressing the need for vocations to keep the priesthood vital, and about priests who have inspired him.

“The moments like Priesthood Sunday give me courage to open my heart even more to hear God’s voice and to learn His answers,” said Father Marek Kupka, pastor of St. Adalberts Church, Providence.

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