Catholic values strengthen Salve valedictorian from Poland


NEWPORT — As Beata Jones crossed the stage at Salve Regina University to accept her diploma on Sunday morning, it marked the end of a journey she had never envisioned for herself when she first came to the United States seven years ago.

A native of Przeworsk, Poland, Jones had originally come to the United States to work as a nanny for a year in order to travel and improve her English.

“The plan was to go back to Poland after a year of working here, but then I met my husband and he encouraged me to pursue my degree,” said Jones. “I am an active Catholic and the mission and values of Salve Regina University were appealing to me when I was looking at different schools.”

Jones was the valedictorian of this year’s graduating class at Salve Regina University, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average while achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in global business and economics. She is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a national scholastic honor society for students at Roman Catholic institutions, and a member of Sigma Beta Delta, a national honor society for business studies. Jones said her college experience was enhanced by the incorporation of Catholic teaching in her business courses.

“The Catholic presence showed in many of my classes; professors would introduce Catholic principles into the discussions we were having on topics such as economics and how we need to act as responsible citizens,” she said. “It was a unique way of looking at things.”

Jones was one of 680 graduates from the university this year, the largest graduating class in the school’s history. The candidates were awarded the following degrees: Doctor of Philosophy, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts and Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Master of Ceremonies Dr. Dean de la Motte began the commencement by introducing The Most Reverend Robert Evans, who offered the Invocation.

The commencement speaker for the ceremony was Malaak Compton-Rock, wife of comedian Chris Rock and founder of numerous charitable organizations – including The AngelRock Project, an online e-village promoting volunteerism, social responsibility, and sustainable change.

Compton-Rock spoke to the graduates about the importance of giving back to their communities, and how the focus of a person should always be on what they can give rather than what they receive.

“Your commitment to making the world a better place will be your guiding light,” said Compton-Rock. “Even if right now your mind is focused on job-getting, keep your heart focused on what that job will allow you to give.”

Compton-Rock was one of two honorary doctoral recipients. She was recognized for her promotion of peace, giving, and social responsibility. The other recipient was Richard Grosvenor, a Newport artist who has become well-known for his paintings and teaching of the fine arts. He was recognized for his amazing talent and strong commitment to the university and the community of Newport.

It was the 60th commencement ceremony for Salve Regina University, formerly Salve Regina College, and the first to be presided over by the new president of the university Mercy Sister Jane Gerety, who was inaugurated as the university’s seventh president last September. She conferred all the degrees during the ceremony and delivered an important message to the graduates as they were about to leave the picturesque campus.

“I know your minds have been opened at Salve; your professors have both challenged and supported you and you have been disoriented at times as old certainties melted away.” Gerety said. “Don’t stop now; don’t close your minds. There’s so much more to discover, so much more the world can teach you.”

For Beata Jones, the commencement ceremony marked the completion of her studies and the beginning of her job search. She says she has started to look for a position in the financial sector; either as an advisor or an analyst.

But first, she has more immediate plans. “I’m going to go home to Poland and visit my family for a few weeks,” she said.

“I’ve missed them so much.”

The following students were awarded degrees during Salve Regina University’s 60th commencement on Sunday, May 16:

Bachelor of Arts

Jessica Lyn Abramo

Antonia Jade Amico

Xavier David Andrews

Jenna Dawn Antonelli

Lauren Catherine Bailey

Sarah Allston Baker

Lindsey Nicole Barriga*

Thomas Mark Bates

Kelly Ann Behuniak

Joshua Anthony Belfiore

Rebecca Ann Bernard*

Brian Robert Bernarducci

Angelina Louise Berube

Allyssa Caitlin Bianco

Stephanie Nicole Blaine***

Merideth LaMarche Bonvino

Christina Frances Borger

Lurcia Bounsana

Kristen Marie Brewer**

Molly Elizabeth Brophy**

Nathan William Brownell

Ryan David Brule

Kathleen Ann Bruno**

Kyle Matthew Bruno

Phillip John Buckley

Angelina Mary Campbell

Steve Cardona

Benjamin Edward Caron

Ashley Castrichini

MyLan Chhu

Courtney Marie Coan

Gregory Edward Collupy

Kathryn Eileen Corridan

Meaghan Johanna Costello

Benjamin Noel Cote

Brandy Michelle Cross

David Mark D'Addio

Kelly Fox Daeke

Eric Alan Davis

James Richard deMelo

Shannon Patricia Deptula*

Matthew Gary Dinda

Kara Dawn DiPaola**

Brittany Jean Dodson

Ashley Deanna Donafrio

Katharine Lydia Donnarummo

Kristyn Diane Donnelly

Abigail Marie Driscoll

Sarah Kathryn Duffy

Charles E. Duncan

Caroline O'Connor Dunn

John Henry Dupre

Liane Patrice Dupuis

Joseph J. Duro

Amanda Jean Dussault

Jennifer Tesesa Ehlinger

Joseph Edward Errico

Mattie Gaskin Fails

Molly Kathleen Fleming

Erin Marjorie Frank*

Kala Marie Gallop

Suthida Lilla Gandolfi

Megan Elizabeth Garbe

Maria Kathryn Genovese*

Elizabeth F. Giambusso

Sabrina Jenean Giampaoli*

Jamie Ellen Gilbert

Daniel T. Girardin

Alaina Rose Gizzo*

Caitlyn Elizabeth Glasheen

Thomas C. Glynn

Andrew Raymond Gould

Jesse Collins Gray

Amanda Grace Grearson

Patrick William Greeno

Katherine Rachel Latta Gribbell

Danielle Maria Grieco

Jarad Thomas Grossi

Sherwoode Taffinder Grosvenor

Mia Hopkins Hargadon*

Dakota James Hebert

Ashley Ann Higgins***

Matthew J. Higgins

Katherine Louise Holter

Christine Marie Hopper*

Patrick J. Horrigan

Marissa Kathryn Intravia

Roland Richard Jacob**

Katherine Rachel Jedynasty

Sasha Maria Johnson

Beata Joanna Jones***

Emily Patricia Jones*

Jessica Anne Jones

Lindsay Marie Josephs

Volha Kalatsei***

Anna-Maria Kalivas**

Ashley Catherine Kane

Mary Kate Kane**

Andrea Marie Kaufman

Mairin Lace Keleher

Johannah Katherine Kenney

Katie Elizabeth Kerrigan

Brian Daniel Kirkland

Kasey Labelle*

Michael Angelo Lalli

Chelsea Marie Levesque

Jason Henry Lewis

Anna Carmen Liang

Tyler Clark Lipp

Whitney Shea Loeb*

Ashley Kristin Lomuto

Thomas Michael Lonsdale

Sara Maria Lowman

Timothy Robert Lynch

Alexander Sanford Madden

Vienna A. Maglio

Sarah Emily Mahan

Kelly Frances Malaguti

Gregory Richard Marais

Alessandra Joann Markantonis

Andrew Joseph Martin

Stephen Charles Masso

James Shubrook May

Christopher James McCallum

Nolan McGarrity

Caroline Catharine McGuckian

Sara Jane Micali

Lauren Gioia Micalizzi*

Andrea Wentworth Michel

David J. Miller*

Jesus Montero

Anthony Charles Moran

Gregory Ralph Morrison*

Gracie Morgan Mullen-Thompson

Grace Lee Murphy

Kelly Lynn Mustone**

Yuri Nakazawa

Rebecca Anne Nasca**

Jay M. Nelson

Takuhiro Nunomura

Zachary Dominick O'Brien

Karen Laura O'Donnell

Natsuko Okochi*

Allyson Christine O'Neill

Timothy Haggerty Padden

Jeffrey Thomas Palermo

Will Gabriel Paradis

Melissa Ann Parke*

Katherine Casey Pascal*

Marykate Frances Pascazi

Elizabeth Ashley Patrick*

Katharine Jean Pearson

Kimberly Marie Penta**

Alexandra de Franca Pereira

Cezanne Perez*

Caresse Antoinette Piasio

Samantha Loren Piecuch***

Brianna Marie Policastro

Megan Alice Powers

Scott Thomas Puschaver

Monika Katarzyna Raczkowski*

Jonathan George Risk

Kristine Marie Roche*

Patrick Michael Romani

Ashley Nicole Rondeau

Meliss Elizabeth Safara

Samantha Anne Sandland

Stephanie Elizabeth Savage

Christopher Daniel Scanlon

Sara Elizabeth Shannon

Corey Daniel Sheehan

Kateri Margaret Shockro

Dorothy Elise Shofner

Natalie Rose Shortsleeve**

Andrew John Siegel

Katherine Taylor Silva

Angela Elizabeth Silvestri

Nicholas Lawrence Silvestri

Allison Ann Smith

Patrick H. Smith

Andrew F. Spino

Christy Marie Squittiere

Suzanne Elise Stelmach

Emily K. Stepnowsky

Kelyn B. Stevenson

Richard Michael Stewart

Hannah M. Stracensky

Sean Francis Sullivan

Mark Robert Suttmeier

Victoria Lyn Tassone

Theresa Elizabeth Teofilak*

Ryan Joseph Theroux

Jessica Blair Timpano

Michelle Elizabeth Triompo

Tyler David Trott

Sarah Rose Valenzon

Mary Elizabeth Van Akin***

Joshua Chander Vanjani

Erin Margaret Vardaro*

Kevin Varkey

Matthew Louis Viveiros**

Carly R. Walas

Thomas M. Wallace

Caitlin Walsh

Christa Kendra Walsh

Nicole Marie Warren

Christopher Leo Wester

Jillian Katherine Wiegel

Matthew Palmer Wierzbicki

Katherine Lee Williams

Samantha Ryan Wolfe

Justin Clarence Wood

Matthew Joseph Wunsch

Natasha Nikole Wurst

Yuxiang Ying

Richard F. Young

Steven Bruce Zarembka

Bachelor of Arts & Science

Katherine Abigail Arnold**

John Salvatore Bazzano

Amanda-Lynn Bessenaire

Shannon Lynn Carlson

Natalia Alexandra Contreras

Henry A. Crouse**

Linda Elizabeth Curran

Sarah Kristen Delcuze**

Morgan Jean Fitzgerald

Kyle James Fritch

Jillian Paige Galli

Rebecca Franklyn Haggerty

Richard Michael Hill

Jacqueline Anne Kirwan

Kimberly Marie Kulesza

Valerie Renae Mackin*

Allison Fern Martell

Sarudzai Mirisau*

Torey Joseph Pellegrini

Christopher Marc Porto

Matthew Leonard Shubert

Eric Thomas Sprague

Megan Elizabeth St. Jean*

Kathryn Evelyn Tajima

Bachelor of Science

Heather Ann Abbate*

Jennifer Lee Adams

Jamie Lee Alden

Eric J. Aldrich

Courtney Lynn Allen

Rose Ann Victoria Almonacid

Scott Donald Anderson

Gabrielle Anna Andos

Carol A. Annunziata

Nicholas James Annunziata

Jessica M. Aptt

Katie Lynn Archambault

Ashley Marie Arsenault

Ryan Louis Ball*

Patrick James Bambery

Anthony Joseph Barrett

Ashleigh Morgan Baslik

Kelsey DaShiell Bender

Andria Hendry Benjamin*

Jenny Lee Berrio

Caitlin Elizabeth Bitsco

Jennifer Margaret Blanchard

Caitlin Rose Borer

Amanda Aguiar Borges**

Rosanny M. Bourdierd

John Ralph Branca

Robert Branham

Ashley Mary Brigham

Jenna Lee Broderick

Margaret M. Brodeur

David William Brown

Bridget Rose Brunet

Nathaniel Michael Burns

Margaret E. Byrne*

Mark Nelson Byrne

Emily Katherine Cammorata

Sheila Maureen Campolieta

Brittney Canaff

Gregory Tobin Cannon

Eileen Mary Carabetta*

Allyson Leigh Carr

Kyle James Cassamas

Alexandra Elizabeth Chabot

Michelle Marie Chabot

Kimberly Cecile Chan

Amanda Rose Chauncy**

Jessica A. Clark

Donna Clegg

Kathryn Lee Colgan

Nicole Elizabeth Collins

Ryan Michael Comerford

Margaret Helen Conley*

Meghan Catherine Connor

James T. Conway

Katlyn Rose Cook

Benjamin Noel Cote

Lauren Elizabeth Cotta*

Jamie Elizabeth Coutts

Kate Marie Critz***

Catherine Tracey Curtin

Erika Curtin

Maxwell Charles Cyr

Timothy John Daly

John Lucas Damjanovic

Kristen Elizabeth Danubio

Casandra Ashley DaSilva

Andrew Olry de Labry

Devyn DeDominici

Michelle Elizabeth DeLisio

Laurie Jean DeRuosi***

Ellen Deveney

Kristen Elizabeth Devine

William Dias

Riley Diaz

Jeffrey Matthew DiLorenzo*

Jennifer Jane Dixon

Brittany Jean Dodson

Morgan Lawrence Donahue

Richard Sartori Dowd***

Sarah J. Downing

Sarah Hatchfield Driscoll

Regina M. Dublin

Jennifer Lynn Duval

Michael John Egan

Elizabeth Alexandria Elrick

Devin Leigh Eppley*

Danielle Elizabeth Ezzo*

Elizabeth Barbara Faherty

Jessica Faiteau

Peter Appleton Fargo

Gayle Lynne Farrington

Patrick William Ferguson

Alicia Rose Ferri

Kristine L. Ferro*

Chelsea Hayes Finn*

Caitlin Melissa Flanagan

Jamie Lee Flood

Christina Julia Ford

Haley Fisher Fowler

Mary D. French

Melissa Ashley Fromm**

Kristen Lee Fruchtenicht

Erin Danielle Fuller

Christine Victoria Ganim

Michelle Elizabeth Gilmore

Kurt Thomas Ginthwain

Allison Marie Gontero

Danielle Marie Gorman

Joshua Christian Goucher

Ashley Melissa Gray

Lauren Marie Grygiel

Steven Joseph Guntharp

Kelly Anne Hageman

Benjamin Shea Hall

Lorraine Hardy**

Nichole Renee Harrington*

Cara Michelle Hartigan

Brooke Anne Harvey

Kay Haworth

Nicole Elizabeth Hayes

Sam Ryan Hazinakis

Sarah Marie Henderson*

Shealyn Marie Herring

Mary Kate Katherine Hodgens

Megan Mary Hood

Rebecca Catherine Hopkins

Jessica Lynne Howland

Sarah Kathryn Jakiela

Stephanie Lynn Johnson*

Sara Lynn Joseph

Kevin Joseph Kaczynski

Lisa A. Kanakry**

Sarah Frances Kelleher

Phyllis D. Kelliher**

Mckenzie Jean Kelly

Sarah Kirwan Kelly

Jennifer Lauren Kennedy***

Caitlyn Ashley Kenny**

Ashley Rose Keyes

Amanda Kathleen Kibit

Jaime K. Kittredge

Hannah Elizabeth Knight

Michael Edward Knoll*

Alexandra Leigh Koechel

Priscilla Elizabeth Kooris

Kathryn Alexandra Kroesen

Renee Krista Kunz

Patrick Nicholas Labruzzo

Janessa Marie LaMastro

Christina Marie Lamoureux***

Krystal Shardae LaPorte

Jacqueline Thorne LaRonde

Daniela Maria LaRosa

Margaret A. LeBeau**

Nina Olivia Lehnert

Danielle Marie Leitao*

Mandy Letourneau

Jaclyn Kate Lewandowski

Katie Sandra Liakopoulos

Alexandra Katherine Licurse

Erin Kelley Liddell**

Brianna Le Lonergan*

Mary Susan Madara**

Maralyn Theresa Maggi

Lisa Christine Magistro

Gabrielle Maria Magowan

Lauren Elizabeth Maidrand*

Allison Lynn Malo

Carissa Lynn Mancini*

Christina Marie Marenna

Susana Dantas Martins

Caitlin Marie McClain

Brigid Mary McEwan

Kathleen Mary McGreevey

Kerry Elizabeth McLaughlin*

Jo Ellen McLindon

Elizabeth Ann Merwin

Brent Arthur Miller

Lauren A. Miraglia

Richard Thomas Miranda

Mary Elizabeth Moccia

Kristin Robyn Moses

Danielle Robin Mosher

Nicole Marie Mulkern

Carolyn Elizabeth Myers

Giuliana Scommegna Nava

Marva E. Nicholls

Laura Emilie Obolewicz

Caitlin E. O'Brien

Samuel William O'Brien

Nancy Ann O'Connor

Jessica Diane Odobasic

Davina Jean Ohanesian

Lisa Oliveri

Alexander Luciano Ortiz

Jeremy James Osborne

Julia Suzanne Page

Brandon Louis Pantano

Meghan Anne Pastor***

Patrice Sarah Pedula

Dawn Peloquin

William Paul Perkowski

Meredith Anne Peterson

Matthew Alexander Petrilli*

Sarah Amelia Pike

Kimberly Ann Pinheiro

William Raliegh Powell

Myles Wesley Proe

Paul Barry Prohodski

Christe Marie Provanzano

Antonia M. Pucillo

Deborah A. Quirk*

Barbara M. Reed

Jenna Leigh Richard

Angelina Kathleen Rinaldi

Erika DaCunha Rocha

Evan Joseph Rose

Rebecca E. Rosen**

Kyle Christopher Rotondo

Natalie Ann Rubenoff*

Megan Clare Ruggiero

Priscilla Lynn Sa

Melissa Alexandra Sabbatino

Brittany Alexandra Salemme

Deanna Melissa Salter

Amanda Michelle Sanford

Jeanine D. Santos

Samantha Nicole Scaffidi*

Hannah Jeanne Schoff**

Brittney Lynne Schuchmann*

Loren Elizabeth Senior

Kaitlin Maire Seward

Katherine Shaw

Elizabeth Thompson Sheridan

Thomas Matthew Shumway

Angela Elizabeth Silvestri

A. Clayton Slawson

Brittany Ann Smith

Charles Morris Smith

Linden Mia Smith

Joshua Robert Solari

Taylor Andrew Solari*

James Francis Solimini

Nelia Sousa

Dianna Lynn Springett

Jeffrey Arthur St. Onge

Ashley Gem Stewart

Ashley Christine Stoppa

Kimberly Ann Koiki Swenson

Brittany Jean Toce

Erika Nicole Tortorici

Melissa M. Tracy

Brian Paul Trocchio

Michael James True

Katherine Rose Turchick

Katherine Elizabeth Vaudrain

Danielle Marie Vitali*

Amanda Elizabeth Voccola

Brian James Walker*

Stephanie Kayla Wallace

Christine Elizabeth Walsh

Brittany Lyn Williams

Amanda Marie Woodmancy

Rebecca Marie Wozniak

Mary Autumn Wright

Calvin Markell Yoran

Jean Elizabeth Young**

Raymond Louis Zulauf

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies

Coral E. Brown

Lauren M. Criscione

Janet M. Fraatz

Pamela L. Goodness

Kevin I. Hathaway

Marianne V. Heffernan

Alexis G. Heitman

Kathleen A. Jackson

Sarah E. Kelly

Nicole A. LaFrance

Clara Lasagni-Morgan

Jennifer L. Lewis

John R. Mathis

Joan McGrath

Richard F. Santopietro

Michelle A. Valenti

Aaron J. Whiting

Master of Arts

Judith C. Anderson

Joshua M. Arostegui

Michael D. Badamo

Lance E. Beauchain

David J. Bennett

Paula A. Berard

Michael T. Betsch

Michael P. Boudria

Danielle E. Brazil

Jessica A. Bucci

Kristen E. Campbell

Chelsea R. Canale

Farrell Carley

Timothy J. Carlone

Elizabeth M. Champagne

Claudia L. Cordon

Lauren M. Criscione

Dawn B. Cunard

Janaina A. Dalbem

Darlene A. D'Arezzo

Clairlyn E. Davis

Tammy M. Dussault

Joyce M. Elias

Alexander G. Farrell

Francis J. Farrelly

Patricia D. Fellows

Nancy S. Foley

Linda L. Gens

Amity J. Gilman

Kimberlee A. Gorgo

Nathan Hosler

Tiffany M. Jackson

Patrick N. Kelleher

Corey T. Larsen

Cheryl A. Lemenager

Vanessa Colleen Leon

Gina Macaione

Laura Joan MacKinnon

Jenny L. McClendon

Audrey L. McMorrow

Kathleen Melone

Ahmed Merzoug

Jeffrey C. Milette

Andrew Eugene Moore

Aida G. Neary

Elise Elizabeth Nelson

Kathleen Neun

Raymond P. Owens

Katia Cascardo Parker

Chantele M. Petrocelli

Kim E. Picard

Tamare P. Piersaint

Graciela C. Pires

Graham M. Plaster

Kimberly L. Ranallo-Farrelly

Steven L. Rodenbaugh

Stephanie M. Sadler

Ellen L. Santaniello

Jill E. Schaffer

Gordon M. Silliker

Rachel M. Smith

Kerri A. Sorensen

Sara B. Sprague

Thomas B. Vance

James M. Vartanian

Rebecca Daniels Vickers

Paul P. Zasada

Master of Business Administration

Ashley A. Almeida

Rosamaria E. Amoros

Justin M. Benevides

Richard S. Bennett

Haider A. Bokhari

Alyssa L. Brundage

Katherine Grace Busse

Meghan Cabral

Barbara J. Corey

Adam M. D'Arcy

John Peter de Ciutiis

Michael A. Donati

Amina El Moustaine

Rebecca A. Fiske

Rinney J. Fujiwara

Jillian L. Hardy

Thomas F.X. Hoar

Kim Holmbeck

Whitney L. Hossfeld

Laura Jacobi

Rebecca S. Jessie

Zohidjon A. Juraev

Christine M. Kippenberger

Travis J. Lechowit

Alexandra J. Lerch

Patrick M. Mahan

Robert P. Massoud

Ashley V. Miller

Gerald J. Mirabile

Mark J. Moskowitz

Shane C. Murray

Melissa A. O'Neill

Sara B. Ouellette

Charles W. Perlwitz

Jennifer I. Quint

Norbert Jan Tiese Reuder

Corey John Richardson

Ryan P. Rossi

Paige E. Sandbrook

Zachary A. Sufilka

Brian Tatirosian

David A. Velek

Beverly Weshnak

Master of Science

Elizabeth A. Bordeaux

Robert W. Boyle

Ellen M. Cerullo

Emily M. Cote

Bridget A. Cox

William S. Crupe

Carole J. Currie

Paul M. Desrosiers

Derek W. DiMeo

Jillian L. Donnelly

Stephanie P. Feole

Ashley M. Foley

Lois Ann Ginsberg

Christopher M. Girardin

Bartholomew L. Grimes

Alexandra E. Gustafson

Ryan A. Halpin

Deena M. Hartley

LaRinda L. Huntley-Kaplan

Jonathan C. Igwebueze

Samuel B. Knowles

Cecilia A Kosta

Stephen J. Kumnick

Kristopher Lagor

Nicole M. Landi

Kristina K. Lowe

John F. Magiera

Mary A. Marchetti

Julianne McMasters

James F. McQuinn

Colleen Mary O'Toole

Carly B. Ouellette

Jared B. Pereira

Christine N. Pezzi

Jessica A. Pohl

Sarah P. Puerini

Dennis W. Rogers

Joanne M. Satterlee

Nancy J. Schmitter

Brian D. Shanley

Gopu Shrestha

David Silva

Christopher C. Sirr

Nancy L. Sullivan

Pamela J. Waterman

Christopher A. Whynock

Doctor of Philosophy

Jeffrey S. McPherson

William J. Morrissette

Roxanne M. O'Connell

Scott Palmieri

*cum laude

**magna cum laude

***summa cum laude