Bishop Keough graduates prepare for brilliant future

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PAWTUCKET— With mixed emotions, 14 young women graduated from Bishop Keough High School, celebrating their accomplishments and taking the next step in their lives to further their education and to go out into the world and change it for the better.

Principal Jeane Leclerc extended her congratulations to the class of 2010 and their families and shared that she hopes their spirits will always be consumed with commitment to God and service to others.

Welcoming the new alumnae with open arms, Beth-Ann Tek, class of 1996, shared her advice to the graduates during the commencement. Looking back on her time at Bishop Keough, Tek explained that she grew as a young woman during her time at the high school and is thankful for how it shaped her into the woman she is today.

“Please take a moment to take a look around you,” said Tek. “Look at your families, look at your friends, look at your Keough family. We are here because of you, because of your accomplishments, because of the promise of your futures, which lie ahead. We are so proud of you.”

Life doesn’t take place on a straight flat road that leads to one destination, said Tek, adding that their futures will be filled with many twists and turns.

“It is okay not to have turn-by-turn directions,” she said. “In fact, most of the fun is figuring it out and enjoying the ride. When you hit a bump; learn from it – there is always a lesson that will help you in the future. When you come to a crossroad; don’t be afraid to change directions. You might find out that is where you wanted to be all along.”

Valedictorian Luisa Montoya told her classmates that they have come together to celebrate a new beginning in their lives and to not forget to take the memories that they created as a family at Bishop Keough. On behalf of the class, Montoya also expressed gratitude to the teachers who guided them throughout the past four years.

“They have given us the skills to learn, the aptitude to succeed, and the abilities to make a difference,” she said. “With this guidance we will be able to solve the problems that we will encounter.”

Salutatorian Caitlin Kilmartin thanked the parents who supported their daughters and helped prepare the graduates to receive their diplomas.

“You have helped us to grow, to learn, to persevere, to be strong and to love,” said Kilmartin. “We can never thank you enough for the sacrifices you have made so that we could receive the best education possible.”

An award was also presented to Kayla L. Santiago for her Christian values through service to her school and family. The award was given to Santiago for her devotion to her school, her church and her


Bishop Louis E. Gelineau, bishop emeritus of Providence, offered a blessing to the young women and spoke about the leadership and love of their principal, a great model for the graduates.

“You are now equipped to do what you know you should do,” said Bishop Gelineau. “Take those principles that you have learned. They will help you to always continue to commit yourself to your community and give honor to God. I hope that your future will be successful like so many other Bishop Keough graduates.”

Betty Korngor, mother of graduate Sia Korngor, shared that she was overwhelmed with happiness at her daughter’s achievement.

“I can’t even express how I feel,” she said. “It’s a great honor. I am so happy. I am one of the happiest people here today.”

Steven H. Poole Sr. said that his daughter Briana’s experience at Bishop Keough has been a wonderful experience.

“We made a choice four years ago to send her here and she has excelled,” he said. “I hope she carries it on. I am very proud of her.”

Maria and Stephen Kilmartin, parents of Caitlin Kilmartin, said that their daughter told them that sending her to Bishop Keough was the best choice they ever made for her.

“We are very proud of her,” said Stephen Kilmartin. “She has put in a lot of hard work and has stayed so focused. She is really happy she came here.”

The graduation concluded as Principal Leclerc commissioned the graduates to go forth and make the world a better place.

“The time has come to bid farewell,” she said. “You are now free from uniforms, homework, detentions, projects and late slips. May your days be filled with joy, peace, happiness and love always. Never forget that you are Bishop Keough High girls, stand proud and tall. Congratulations once again and God bless you always.”

Bishop Keough Class of 2010

Kayla Anne Aldcroft

Catherine Frances DaSilva

Allison Joy Fluette

Tamisha Claudia François

Zainab Adesewa Ilumoka

Caitlin Marie Kilmartin

Sia Nessie Korngor

Victoria Lea Martins

Luisa Fernanda Montoya

Renée Alves Morais

Briana Victoria Poole

Elana Lee San Antonio

Kayla Latysha Santiago

Nicole Marie Ziobrowski