Attacking the good works of the church in the name of tolerance


Time and time again proponents of homosexual marriage have promised churches and religious institutions they have nothing to fear from their radical proposal to redefine marriage.

Yet last week Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington announced that it is ending its foster care and public adoption program after the District of Columbia said the charity would be ineligible for service because of the new law recognizing homosexual “marriage.” The D.C. City Council’s law recognizing homosexual “marriage” required religious entities which serve the general public to provide services to homosexual couples, even if doing so violated their religious beliefs. Exemptions were allowed only for performing marriages or for those entities which do not serve the public.

For 80 years Catholic Charities has provided high quality social services to the most vulnerable in our nation’s capital. It seems surprising that the local D.C. government would want to put the Catholic Church out of the foster care business. Corporal works of mercy are no less important to the life of the church than its sacramental ministry. Forbidding the church to perform them is a serious blow to its religious liberty. Why would the government do that? Under the guise of equality and tolerance they seek to impose the radical homosexual agenda to redefine marriage and family life at all costs; even violating the religious freedom of the Catholic Church. Their commitment to equality is apparently so strong that they are willing to put Catholic Charities out of business because it won't promote an agenda that it views as morally wrong.

This is yet another sad chapter in the totalitarian effort by radical gay activists to redefine marriage and impose their agenda upon both church and state. The myth promoted by these activists that homosexual marriage does no harm continues to be exposed as they attack religious freedom in the name of tolerance and equality. Church teaching is not a matter of negotiation and it’s unfortunate that the D.C. government is so willing to sacrifice religious liberty in the name of “tolerance.” This example of the violation of religious freedom is just the most recent incidence of the real, not mythical, results of allowing the radical homosexual agenda to redefine marriage and family life.

We commend the Archdiocese of Washington for making the tough decision not to sacrifice Catholic teaching on marriage. However, we condemn the District of Columbia which chose to cast aside an important charitable provider to D.C. residents in the name of equality and tolerance. The tolerance they proclaim does not include faithful Catholics and the equality they promote has no room for those who would authentically live the teachings of their Church. Shame on them for their action- it is nothing less than an attack on religious freedom and it should serve as a harbinger for what the proponents of homosexual marriage truly have in store for all those who oppose them.