A visit to Holy Trinity Parish


Bishop Thomas J. Tobin celebrated Mass at the newly formed Holy Trinity Parish in Woonsocket on Sunday Dec. 16. The new parish was formed on July 1, 2018 at the site of the former Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church through the unification of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Sacred Heart and Holy Family Churches. Father Daniel J. Sweet serves as pastor of the new parish. The bishop also said that he had been very anxious to visit Holy Trinity Parish. “It’s an opportunity for me to be with you for a regular Sunday Mass and to also express my gratitude and my admiration to Father Sweet and to leaders of the parish community and to all of the members of the parish who have come together to form a new parish community,” he said. Bishop Tobin acknowledged that while there have been and will be challenges ahead, the new parish has much to look forward to. “You’ve done very, very well together, and you should be aware of it and be proud of it. Indeed the way you’ve come together to form a new parish you’ve really set an example for the rest of the diocese,” the bishop said. “We’re very proud of you and very grateful for the work you’ve done. We pray that God will continue to bless your new parish community in the days and the years to come as you continue in your journey of faith together and your journey with the Lord.”