A Tale of Two Marches


On January 21, there was the feminist, pro-abortion Women’s March that took place in Washington D.C., which protested the decisions of President Donald Trump. Although the people who organized this march proclaimed that they represented all women and their concerns, there was no representation from women who were pro-life. Initially, some women’s pro-life groups were allowed to march, but they were later uninvited. This march was covered extensively by the news media and television.

Yet, when the Pro-Life March took place a week later, there was far less coverage by the media. Reports show the pro-abortion Women’s March of January 21 received 129 times more coverage than the March for Life. And CBS and NBC spent three times more airtime covering a sparsely populated neo-Nazi rally in 2016 than it has over the last four years combined covering the March for Life. The newspaper headlines describe the Pro-Life March as an anti-abortion rally, which is a way that the news media try to influence and subvert the facts. By using negative terminology, such as ‘anti’ when describing events that cover the Pro-life March, the media tries to influence the thinking of the people reading their articles. This is deceptive journalism which lends itself to producing more tabloid headlines than simply presenting the facts.

People who are pro-life defend and respect life from the moment of conception until the moment of our natural death. So when the news media call the Pro-life March an anti-abortion rally, they leave out the other aspect that deals with end of life issues. The word ‘pro’-choice is always used by the media for those who promote abortion, contraception and euthanasia. The use of the word ‘pro’ has an affirmative and positive connotation which has the effect of manipulating the people to think that being for choice is a good and wholesome belief. The problem is that the term pro-choice does not define what choices are being made and it is too general a label to use, especially when the only choice that these people are dealing with is to kill a child in the womb.