A strong first amendment is vital to our lives



In response to Patricia Healey's letter of Feb. 2, I don't know where to begin. She says she supports the first amendment right of free speech but reprimands her cousin for speaking.

As a Catholic, she should understand that a strong first amendment is vital to our lives. The first amendment was designed to shield the very 'hateful' speech she detests. We would not need a first amendment to protect against flowery, loving speech. She should not forget that there are many against us that use her own rhetoric against 'hate speech' to deny us the right to argue against abortion and same-sex marriage. There are many with hateful agendas (particularly against the church) who hide behind political correctness. I would prefer that people speak their minds openly. If I don't like what they say, I can try to persuade them to change or kick the dust from my sandals and move on.

Sean T. Collins