A lack of understanding of the real issues



The congressman’s remarks indicate his lack of understanding of the real issues in this debate. As Bishop Tobin said, the Catholic Church has always supported comprehensive medical reform that would provide necessary healthcare to all citizens.

However, the Church must oppose any legislation that would mandate abortion funding, potentially withhold basic medical care from the elderly, disabled, or terminally ill, or not protect the conscience rights of those medical professionals. Despite the claims of the Democrats and the media, these moral problems I listed above will happen with the proposed bill.

Contrary to what Mr. Kennedy believes, the Catholic bishops are opposing this bill precisely because they are pro-life. Their letter to Congress demonstrates that they are committed to the protection of life at all stages,and not just when it is convenient or politically correct. If Congressmen Kennedy was really interested in what he called the “biggest social justice issue of our time” he would then change his view and have the courage to stand for the protection of all members of our society, which includes the unborn.

I was proud of Bishop Tobin for his response to the Congressman. He demonstrated courage in defending human life and in pointing out that Kennedy, and the other supporters of this bill, need to educate themselves on why the Church is opposed to the current bill and what is truly at stake here.

ROb Alves

West Warwick