A beautiful life spared changes a father’s outlook on abortion


On a Facebook post he made on February 1, R.I. state Rep. Bob Quattrocchi told the story of a man whom he called “a good friend of mine” — a man, who, 25 years ago, “tried as hard as he could” to talk his pregnant girlfriend into having an abortion. Thankfully, she resisted the pressure and had the child: “a beautiful baby girl who immediately melted [this friend’s] heart.” From that moment onward, both parents loved the child. However the mother soon “fell into substance dependencies,” forcing Quattrocchi’s friend to raise the child as a single father.

Happily, a beautiful relationship between this dad and his daughter developed over the years, transforming him “from a selfish, carefree young man, into a selfless, responsible father who would give his own life for his child.” This child is now a young woman, who recently graduated from college. Quattrocchi’s friend is “incredibly proud and thanks God every day that his young girlfriend, 25 years ago, did not go along with his pressure to abort.”

Quattrocchi then revealed his friend’s identity: “I see my good friend every day, as I wash my face and brush my teeth in the mirror…. I just wanted to share my story. My daughter being allowed to live, allowed me to live, love, learn responsibility and patience and so much more.” We can only hope and pray that Rep. Quattrocchi will share his powerful and moving testimony with the “pro-choice” members of our state’s General Assembly—who desperately need to hear it and to heed its message.