The Religion of Cancel Culture


The American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “A person will worship something, have no doubt about that.” Emerson’s quote points to the human need for worship and religion. In the absence or denial of organized religion, human beings will naturally form organizations and movements with religious qualities. These will have their own rites, beliefs and hierarchy. The growing religious movement today is called “Cancel Culture.”
“Cancel Culture” has its creed based on the tenets of progressive ideology. Its scripture is not found in a book, but on social media. Its processions can be seen in many cities throughout America. It even has its own form of excommunication. If a person or company or statue disagrees with this culture’s ideology, that person or company or statue is cancelled. This can include online shaming, loss of income or employment, or removal. In the end this false religion boils down to doctrines without revelation; confession without forgiveness; and salvation without a savior.
A lie only works when mixed with some truth. The great lie of the devil to Adam and Eve is: “you will be like gods.” Outright denying God and religion would be a lie too difficult for us to believe. It is much easier to believe that we can form a religion with ourselves as the gods.