The Coronavirus and the ‘Virus’ of Sin


All over the world, people are concerned about the coronavirus — and rightly so. Any threat to the physical health of so many needs to be taken very seriously. And for the most part it has been. More people are taking the common-sense steps necessary to contain the virus and to keep it from spreading.

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more men and women took their spiritual health just as seriously? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more men and women were as concerned to keep their souls free from the “virus” of sin as they are to keep their bodies free from COVID-19? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people were as concerned with avoiding the near occasion of sin as they are with avoiding situations where they would be exposed to this virus?

 Our physical bodies will eventually die, regardless of how well we take care of them.  But our souls will live on forever. We need to care for them accordingly, which is why the sacrament of reconciliation is so essential and such a blessing. As hard as it might be to believe these days, a clean soul is even more important than clean hands.


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