Sundae Drives: The Wright Scoop



200 Woonsocket Hill Road, North Smithfield, RI

Rhode Island Catholic has mapped out your perfect Sunday afternoon. Start the day in God’s creation with outdoor Mass at The Shrine of the Little Flower Click here to learn more —  followed by a visit to The Wright Scoop for a heavenly treat. 

NORTH SMITHFIELD — It’s not so often that the milk to make the ice-cream comes from just a few steps away, but that’s what makes The Wright Scoop so local, fresh and delicious.
“Our ice cream is different because it is from cow to cone in just a few short days,” explained Kelly
Lemoine of Wrights Dairy Farm.
With a little help from the farm’s herd of Holstein cows, The Wright Scoop offers a truly homemade, farmstead treat. And — holy cow — is it good!
“We make our own ice cream mix. Many places call their ice cream homemade, but they are purchasing ice cream mix and then adding in flavorings and other ingredients. Our ice cream base is made from scratch in our bakery.”
With new state guidelines, some temporary adjustments had to be made for this summer season. Currently operating out of the cake shop with car-hop service for guests, the staff normally serves ice cream out of a vintage Streamline trailer.
“Most of our customers have been very grateful for the car-hop service during this time. It is a safe alternative and I think that has been everyone’s top priority during these strange times.”
“Our streamline trailer — nicknamed ‘The Countess’ — came about because we really wanted to serve scooped ice cream to our customers during the summer months. We’ve offered ice cream for many years, but with limited space indoors we had to get creative with this addition. Rather than adding another building or renovating again, this seemed like the best option to scoop ice cream. We hope to be back in our streamline trailer by the first week of August.”
This season, The Wright Scoop is offering a different special sundae every week. Last week was caramel brownie and this week will be milk and cookies.
Scooping flavors are updated every week, so there are always a variety of tasty options to choose from.
To see the menu, the week’s special sundae, please follow The Wright Scoop on social media, or visit