New Planned Parenthood site calls for renewed mission for pro-life community


On Saturday, April 29, pro-lifers held simultaneous peaceful vigils at Planned Parenthood centers across the United States.

In Rhode Island, more than 100 gathered at the new Planned Parenthood location, 175 Broad St., across the highway from the Cathedral of SS. Peter Paul.

Carol Owens, diocesan coordinator of the Office of Life and Family Ministry said that her office and Rhode Island Right to Life sponsored the event and hold prayerful events like this periodically throughout the year in conjunction with the 40 Days for Life Campaigns in the fall and during Lent. She added that the move to the new location has made her and many others more determined to continue their efforts to raise awareness of the over 340,000 estimated abortions performed each year by Planned Parenthood.

“There is hope because across the way from the building is the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul and within the cathedral you will find Jesus in the tabernacle and Jesus will eventually put an end to the horrific things that happen at 175 Broad St.,” she said. “God is depending on each of us to bring Jesus and his Mother Mary to the frightened young women who walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood to end the life of their innocent unborn child. Planned Parenthood – there is nothing that happens in this building that has anything to do with parenting. They have exaggerated their role in providing health care for women. First and foremost, they end lives of unborn children and women are left with the aftermath, the impact of an abortion experience, but we have the greatest tool that can bring Planned Parenthood down to their knees, we have the Rosary.”