How should we respond to Orlando crisis?


Hatred of any kind has no place in the civilized world, but in the misguided hands of some, evil remains so prevalent. Pair hatred with the increased availability of the means to do harm and the results can be horrific. The LGBT community, the people of Orlando and the nation experienced the horror of evil this weekend. This was not an attack on a sub segment of society. It was evil’s affront on humanity itself.

So how do the rational respond? In the example of Christ who tells his disciples to turn the other cheek, offer your cloak as well and your tunic, and walk the extra mile with your adversaries, people’s desire to end the violence must not be grounded in mere revenge. It is a natural human reaction to want to seek retribution on the perpetrators of such horrendous bloodshed. Even if this means doing to them far worse than what they did.

Jesus teaches clearly that the obsolete adage of “an eye for an eye” is not for the enlightened faithful. Proper responses, however, must always be primarily focused on bringing God’s peace and justice into the world, seeking to heal those who walk in the grip of evil, and when justifiable, using appropriate force. But He alone must be the judge of man’s actions. Good men and women must be the arbitrators of his peace. So, in the midst of the anger, hatred, terror and fear, they strive for perfection, as the heavenly father is perfect.