Give a Congratulatory Shoutout to your 2020 Grad!


Rhode Island Catholic is paying tribute to the 2020 Graduates in the August 20 edition of the newspaper. Parents, loved ones, alumni, school faculty and members of the community are all welcome to give a Congratulatory Shoutout to the Class of 2020 that would be similar to what you would see below.

Those wishing to take part may purchase a Congratulatory Shoutout 
to celebrate their graduate for only $30.

Please contact Laura Kilgus at 272-1010 or email 
by Wednesday, August 5.

• Please provide name, school of graduate

• Email a photo of the graduate to

• Share your message of up to 60 words.

• Rhode Island Catholic will include payment information (either credit card or check)
when Congratulatory Shoutout is booked.