Christ our Savior is Born


The beginning of the new liturgical year prepares us to hear and reflect upon the core message of the Gospel. This message is that the Son, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, became incarnate for the primary purpose of taking upon himself the sins of the whole of humanity for the forgiveness of our sins. He did so by dying on the Cross so that we may be restored by His Grace and thus enter into a new relationship with our God.
It may seem strange to reflect on the four last things of Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell during Advent, but the Holy Scriptures point to this ultimate reality for the reason of the Son becoming man for the sake of our Salvation. The world rejoices through song and praise because we now can approach our God through Christ and give Him proper thanksgiving through following all that He taught us and by keeping His commandments.
The message of Christmas has been choked off by the modern day cacophony of consumerism and secularism which seeks to make this day merely another holiday like any other such as Independence Day or Memorial Day. As society continues to look at Christmas as a time solely for giving gifts and overindulging in culinary delights, the idea of sin is forgotten. The reason for Christ’s coming is sometimes trivialized and sentimentalized like a Hallmark Christmas holiday special. The proper way to prepare ourselves for the Christmas season is to make straight the ways of the Lord, such as making a good confession, and remembering that Christ Our Savior is born this day, who freed us from sin and death and restores us to share in Eternal Life.