Bishop Tobin Invites Catholics to Reflect on Justice, Peace and Mutual Respect


PROVIDENCE  — The Most Reverend Thomas J. Tobin, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, is inviting Catholics in Rhode Island to spend some time in personal prayer and reflection for justice, peace and mutual respect for all during the upcoming Independence Day weekend.

“In recent weeks we have been reminded, very powerfully, that the promise of a nation of peace and justice has not yet been perfectly realized, particularly for African Americans and other minorities,” said Bishop Tobin. “Members of the Black community, even now, often experience unjust discrimination, exclusion and unwarranted violence. For them, the American dream is a work in progress; it remains a ‘task for today and a promise for tomorrow.’ Mindful of that reality, I wish to invite all members of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Providence to spend some time during the weekend of July 3 - 5 in personal and communal reflection and prayer for the promotion of justice and peace and mutual respect for all the people of our nation.”

In keeping with this theme, Bishop Tobin suggests parishes may offer a special time of public prayer or individuals and families pause for a few moments of silence to pray for those who have suffered and died because of racial injustice.

The Diocese of Providence has long been at the forefront in opposing every expression of racism and stands firm in renewing its commitment to securing racial justice and harmony for all.

Bishop Tobin’s letter, which was shared with members of the clergy earlier this week, can be found on the diocesan website