Virtual anatomy dissection table coming to St. Mary Academy – Bay View


RIVERSIDE — St. Mary Academy - Bay View, will become the first elementary/secondary school in Rhode Island, to obtain a state-of-the-art Anatomage Table–a groundbreaking scientific device that will vividly enhance instruction and learning within Bay View’s STEM-focused courses and programs (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

“We are elated to bring such meaningfully advanced and engaging technology to Bay View,” said Colleen Gribbin, Principal of St. Mary Academy - Bay View’s Upper and Middle School. “With our implementation of the Anatomage Table, we will be able to transform the education of our students by inviting them to truly experience the intricacies of course content in ways that simply aren’t achievable through conventional learning tools such as textbooks and online resources.”

Spanning 81 inches in length and providing the hands-on functionality of a tablet, the Anatomage Table offers a captivatingly interactive experience of anatomy and physiology that will benefit Bay View students of all ages. “With the Anatomage virtual dissection table, our students will be able to visualize and understand anatomical structures and interrelated concepts in as lifelike a manner as possible,” said Dr. Janell Johnson, St. Mary Academy - Bay View Science Department Co-Chair. “This is a privilege usually reserved for medical and graduate students as well as organizations such as the Mayo Clinic.”

The Anatomage software offers hundreds of clinical case studies, exposing students to 3D images of both human and animal systems that directly support the curriculum of Bay View’s advanced biology courses, in tandem with a STEM program that inspires innovation and the potential exploration of experiences and careers that students may have never considered. “Our responsibility as educators is to facilitate the learning of our students–to not only ensure that we are providing them with the tools and skills necessary for present and future success but to stretch the scope of their imagination and personal potential. Acquiring an Anatomage Table at Bay View is a significant step in our ongoing efforts to enhance the student experience in every way possible,” said Sr. Marybeth Beretta, President of St. Mary Academy - Bay View.

The purchase of the Anatomage Table was made possible by a $50,000 grant from the Champlin Foundation, as well as contributions from the school community and other generous donors. For the second consecutive year, the Champlin Foundation has graciously awarded St. Mary Academy - Bay View funding to enhance its STEM curriculum and offerings. With the addition of this technologically advanced anatomy visualization system, a standard science classroom will be transformed into a virtual anatomy lab.

Scheduled to arrive in February 2019, Dr. Johnson says the first Bay View students to utilize the Anatomage Table will be Upper School students (Grades 9-12) enrolled in the Human Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Placement Biology, and Forensic Science courses, with the goal to ultimately make the technology available to all students.

“We are in a great position to incorporate this technology into our curriculum starting in preschool and continuing through Grade 12. The Upper School Science Department will collaborate with the Lower and Middle School faculty members to plan age-appropriate ‘mini anatomy courses’ for our younger student population. In this way, the Anatomage technology will be used to enhance the learning experiences of the entire Bay View community.”