There are angels among us


In 1950, during the Korean War, a young man named Michael related to his mother in a letter a miraculous story of being saved after being wounded by a bullet. He told this story to his commanding officer and to the Navy chaplain at the time who also verified his account of the incident. Michael begins his story about how his mother taught him a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, “Michael, Michael of the morning…,” which he assured her that he continued to pray every day and even taught some of his marine buddies how to say it. When he was out on patrol one day looking for communist patrols he got separated from his company.

As he continued to walk along, another Marine joined his company. Michael had never seen him before, but remarked that this guy was big and in great shape. Making small talk, he asked the man his name, to which he replied Michael. It struck him as funny and replied that his name was Michael also, to which the big Marine said, “I know, Michael, Michael of the morning…,” then out of the blue the mysterious Marine said there was going to be trouble up ahead. It had been snowing for a while but the weather suddenly cleared. It was then that they ran into seven communist soldiers who began to fire bullets at them. Michael dove for cover while the big Marine just stood there. Michael got up to grab him and then was struck by a bullet, but his fellow soldier caught him and laid him on the ground gently. As Michael closed his eyes he saw the big Marine transform into a brilliant giant figure with wings and a wielding a sword.

The next time Michael awoke, he was in a hospital bed recovering from his bullet wound. His commanding officer asked him how he managed to kill all of the enemy soldiers without firing a shot. He also said that each of them was killed by the slash of a sword. Michael told him it was the other Marine named Michael that was walking with him, but the commanding officer said there was no one else named Michael in their group. The officer said that he could see him from a distance and only saw Michael walking alone with no other Marines. At that point he knew it was St. Michael the Archangel who saved him. Today, the angels of God continue to walk among us, protect us, guide us and intercede for us before our Father in Heaven. May we continue to pray fervently to St. Michael and our Guardian angels for our protection and guidance especially during the month of October.


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