The Purpose of Education is to Teach Children How to Think


A common criticism that is found on social media and in other news media outlets is that people lack civility with those who disagree with their opinions. Oftentimes, for instance, when a person defends being pro-life, pro-family and their opposition to abortion, the anti-life forces hurl invectives, accusing them of being racist, anti-women, homophobic, haters, bigots and various other names. There no longer seems to be any dialogue or debate over issues, but rather ad hominem attacks which are used to silence those with whom we disagree. It is as if we have lost the ability to discuss matters and have civil debates about critical issues that affect the whole of our society. There are those people who will do or say anything to keep or stay in power, so as to impose their will upon our society.

Many young men and women have been indoctrinated into this way of thinking first in high school, and later when they graduate from college, where it seems to be even worse. The purpose of education is to teach men and women on how to use their God-given abilities. This requires the use of reason and the proper use of their will. It is easy to voice an opinion, react emotionally or just spout off pundits and memes. Yet, the proper use of reason requires thought, deliberation, experience and the patience to make decisions based on truth.

In former times, children were trained to memorize speeches and poems, the art of rhetoric and debating, and logical thinking. If we are to regain civility in society, perhaps instead of inventing new techniques in education, we should dust off the old teaching manuals of our grandparents, put down the cell phones, and train our children’s minds and how to use them without technology.