The Pride of the Pharisee, and the Pride of Some of our Candidates for Public Office


At Mass a couple of Sundays ago, we heard the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. The Pharisee is rightly criticized by commentators and homilists for his pride, which was clearly excessive. But at least his pride was limited to activities that were good. In the parable he commends himself for avoiding certain sins, for fasting, and for paying tithes — all of which are praiseworthy endeavors.
This makes him quite different from many proud people in our modern world, since nowadays it’s extremely common for men and women to be proud of their vices as well as their good and virtuous actions. Thus, what should be a cause for shame is now considered by them to be a cause for boasting!
Case in point: Have you seen the latest television commercials for the pro-abortion politicians in the state of Rhode Island? These politicians like to call themselves “pro-choice,” but that expression “pro-choice” is devoid of meaning until you know what the choice is which is being supported. In this case, of course, it’s the choice to kill an innocent and helpless human being; the “choice” is the choice to kill a baby. For supporting this kind of evil and barbaric activity, these candidates for public office should be ashamed of themselves. But from their television commercials it’s crystal clear: they’re not ashamed; they’re not ashamed at all. They’re PROUD! They’re proud of where they stand on the matter; they’re proud of their support for baby-killing. It’s a badge of honor to them.
Catholics and all people of good will need to keep this in mind when they go to the polls on Election Day next week.


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