School Graduations are a time for New Challenges


During the months of May and June, many high school and college students prepare themselves for graduation and embark upon new challenges. Those who have completed their high school years either get ready to enter further advanced studies at a college or technical school, or they enter into the workforce. College and university students also face the choices of either continuing on for graduate studies or entering the workforce which their newly minted degrees. Graduations present challenges because the future is unknown and the choices that are made early on in a career can affect a person’s entire life.

It is always important to pray to God and seek his guidance on our most important decisions, especially when it concerns what we are called to do in this life. The vocation that God calls us to, the choices we need to make for that vocation happen, and the will to follow God’s inspiration are some of the most challenging decisions that we contemplate. Yet at the same time, when we honestly seek to do God’s will, no matter what our vocation may be, it will ultimately make us happy. We have all been given different gifts and talents to be perfected and used for the glorification of God and for the mission of bringing the Gospel to whole of creation.


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