Saint Philip Community Assisted Partnership Program hits the nail on the head


The Saint Philip Community Assisted Partnership (C.A.P.) Program is a new and exciting learning initiative, designed exclusively for middle school students at St. Philip School, Greenville. Through hands-on workshops, seminars, projects and demonstrations, students have the unique opportunity to engage in experiential learning with various community partners throughout the school year. The program offers special interest subject areas that foster student leadership, develop “real world” knowledge, and teach life-readiness skills far beyond the Cardinal classrooms. The school welcomed Chris Benoit to the first Discovery Workshop of the semester, where he kept students deeply engaged in the extraordinary craft of woodworking and master cabinetry. Equipped with safety goggles and 1:1 instruction, the students learned to operate power tools, level working surfaces, differentiate various types of wood, as well as appreciating the invaluable gift of doing what you love in life.