Rhode Island Catholic resumes print edition after serving readers online during Coronavirus pandemic


Rhode Island Catholic has returned to print this week after having moved all of our publishing to our website as the pandemic began to unfold. Viewer traffic to our site has tripled during this time, so thank you for following us online. 

For newspapers, whose lifeblood comes in the form of advertising and paid subscriptions, the pandemic has certainly taken its toll. In the weeks that we’ve all followed orders to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease, two large diocesan newspapers in the nation have shuttered for good, unable to survive any longer.

For Rhode Island Catholic, the temporary change in form, but not in the substance of our reporting, has allowed us to emerge in a position of relative strength, enabling us to restart the printing presses. Like many workplaces, including other departments in the diocese, we have had to implement staffing reductions. But, due to the steps we’ve taken and continue to take, we are in a much better position to meet the challenges ahead than we otherwise would have been.

Going forward into the summer, we will be publishing biweekly until further notice, although any Breaking News or diocesan announcements will be posted to our website (www.thericatholic.com) as they happen. Anyone with a paid subscription to the paper will have their subscription extended to compensate for the weeks we did not publish a print edition.

Thank you for your continued support of Rhode Island Catholic. It’s good to be back.


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