Prayers for Conversion, Not Blessing Sin


Mainstream news outlets reported that the pope may allow blessings of same-sex relationships, based on his recent comments stating that “pastoral prudence must adequately discern whether there are forms of blessings… that do not transmit a mistaken conception of marriage.” Of course, everything our Holy Father says must be interpreted in light of what has come before. In 2001, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith released a statement approved by the Holy Father that we cannot bless sinful relationships. Hence a same-sex couple or a heterosexual unmarried couple cannot receive a blessing of their union.
What are these “forms of blessings” that might be possible? If a person acknowledges the teaching of the Church on the immorality of homosexual acts and asks for the strength from God to live chastely, then that is an upright and holy intention. Argumentation and admonition can only go so far for a person whose mind and will are so entrenched in an immoral mindset or habituated to an immoral lifestyle. Such a person needs help from God. God’s grace can pierce through a person’s mind and will as light through darkness. Hence the “blessings” that our Holy Father speaks of are the same intercessory prayers all Christians say to live a holy life. It is a blessing of conversion, asking God to enlighten these men and women to change their lives to live in accord with Christ. This blessing of conversion is what we all need now.