Planned Parenthood should close and donate PPE to heroes on the front-lines


Given all the terrible facets of a global pandemic, the stories of heroes on the front lines continue to provide much-needed hope. Health-care workers, doctors, nurses, and priests providing the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick—not to mention the other countless workers in grocery stores, pharmacies, and the like—inspire us by their selfless service.

One of the difficulties of this pandemic remains the lack of enough personal protective equipment, or PPE. Hospitals have pleaded with their government, both federal and local, to provide the necessary instruments to protect their workers. No one has an easy answer or quick fix to solve this crisis. With state governments competing for the same protective gear, the situation becomes increasingly precarious.

In an attempt to flatten the curve, leaders have enacted many difficult, but prudent decisions in order to safeguard supplies. One such decision requires that all non-essential medical treatments, such as elective surgery, cease. Few leaders, however, have mandated the obvious: abortion is not an "essential medical procedure.”

The politics and self-interest of certain civil officials might blind them to the truth that abortion is always morally untenable. But certainly they must agree abortion is “non-essential.” In a time when many are risking everything to protect human life, why should the government tacitly permit the destruction of the same? It is time for Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics to commit to their mantra — albeit deceptively — of providing health-care. Those on the front lines need more PPE.

It is time for Planned Parenthood to close their doors, stop abortions, and donate these life-saving instruments immediately. 


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