Msgr. Darcy celebrates 40th anniversary of ordination with St. Margaret Parish family


The faith community of St. Margaret Church in Rumford gathered on Sunday, July 28, for Mass celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Ordination of their pastor Msgr. John J. Darcy. Deacon John F. Needham offered special words of congratulations for Msgr. Darcy, who has served the Diocese of Providence in many areas of ministry including local parishes and various administrative positions in the diocese. His service and dedication was ultimately rewarded with a papal honor of Monsignor. Deacon Needham spoke on behalf of the parish community, sharing that it is a joy to work with Msgr. Darcy, who is always attentive to the needs of others, greeting everyone with a smile. “I once heard it said that the measure of someone is how in a crowded room they can look and seek out that one person sitting in a corner who needs a smile or a cheery word — that’s Msgr. Darcy,” Deacon Needham shared. In a special message to his parishioners, Msgr. Darcy shared his gratitude to all those who had a hand in helping to plan the special occasion. “Our very dedicated parish staff had a coup while I was away in June. This 40th celebration of ordination was all their doing. While I preferred to mark the day quietly, it seems even pastors are outvoted! Thank you most sincerely for this expression of love and support for me and for the priesthood. St. Margaret parishioners never disappoint! To all who coordinated, assisted and interrupted their July weekend, you’re the best!”