Mom’s ‘Me …Still Me’ message a renewed pro-life perspective


"Welcome Baby!” A sentiment shared in a greeting card to encourage immunizations and health checkups is sent to all new parents in the Ocean State on behalf of Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo. This note celebrating the birth of babies here in Rhode Island sparked a response from Nichole Rowley. The parishioner of St. Pius V, Providence, received a card from the governor shortly after her son was born. She took it as an opportunity to share with Gov. Raimondo — who promised in her January address to support the Rhode Island Reproductive Health Care Act bills — and now with thousands of others, that her son is no less a person, whether it be in her womb or held in her arms.

A simple, yet powerful image of her son’s ultrasound picture coupled with his newborn photo, inscribed with three words: “Me ...Still Me,” was all that it took to kick start a movement that continues to gain traction throughout the country.

“We mailed Governor Raimondo’s card back along with our son’s ‘Me ...Still Me’ photo,” said Rowley. “We thought this would be a good opportunity to show her the gift of life with a simple message. We used the two most powerful images we had. We then shared it on Facebook and encouraged others to create their own ‘Me ...Still Me’ and send it to their elected officials. The image resonated with so many people so quickly and before we knew it the word was out.”

Rowley explained that the response has been overwhelmingly positive adding that the imagery “humanizes” the baby and visually shows the continuum of human life from the womb to birth.

“The pro-life message is summed up with two photos and three words, and it becomes impossible to deny that abortion kills beautiful children. It is the simple truth. Not debatable,” she said. “The thing that has moved me so much is the people who have reached out to me personally. Women have told me incredible stories. They tell me I encourage them but it’s really their incredible stories of choosing life in this culture of death that is encouraging. Their kindness and thankfulness gives me the confidence to keep fighting. Another huge blessing are the unexpected people who have been moved. These individuals said they never really thought about the issue until now, or never took a stance on it, but the ‘Me ...Still Me’ message really put the issue into perspective for them.”

The Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA) bills under consideration on Smith Hill have reignited the local pro-life community, Rowley explained. The RHCA bills could guarantee abortion would remain legal in Rhode Island if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade that declared abortion to be a constitutional right. 

“As horrible as this bill is I am in a way thankful it has come to the forefront because it’s so drastic that it’s forcing pro-life people out of complacency,” said Rowley. “Seeing others banding together gives others the confidence to join. We need to show up and speak out in masses to make an impact. There is a place for everyone in this movement, whether it be simply praying at home, attending a rally, contacting your representatives, giving your testimony at bill hearings — whether you’re a leader or a follower — you are an important piece to the puzzle.”

“In past years many people have been reluctant to speak out, but that’s how the other side was emboldened to introduce a bill like the Reproductive Health Care Act. We have a moral obligation to always protect those among us and the unborn deserve that protection the most. So please, do not be silent on this issue.”

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